Oops, Sony use Kotaku video store mockup in newsletter

Back in March this year, Kotaku wrote an article about a rumored store PlayStation Store revamp with the helpful addition of a video store. Their sources mentioned that the new interface would closely resemble that of the Singstore in Singstar. They even made their own mockup of what the new PlayStation Video Store could look like, as seen above. So how and why did this image make itself into the "Are you ready for PlayStation Network on" newsletter SCEA?

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Le-mo3221d ago

"Bottom Right Hand Corner?"

No, bottom left hand corner.

vitz33220d ago

So what? It's not like Kotaku owns that picture. Some dude making the newsletter probably just wanted to throw a jab at those asshats at Kotaku.

Max Power3220d ago

lets laugh at the sideway XMB....oh wait...scoff

superflyguy3219d ago

Who ever did that is really stupid. Did they just google for a picture? Fire them.

LeonSKennedy4Life3220d ago

It looks exactly like the PSN video store. What's the problem?

Shakyhand3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Kotaku Vid Store mock-up identical to official Sony one.
Could some bright spark at Kotaku have had insider info about this, hence their mock-up being identical to the official Sony video store?
Possible but not likely. ;)

PirateThom3220d ago

More like, Kotaku saw the Singstar Singstore and the PS Store and more or less mashed them together, since they're basically the same thing.

MiloGarret3220d ago

D-oh! Again? Is it just me or does this happen to sony a lot?

Bah, maybe it was on purpose, as a kind of joke, a very very poor joke.

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