Shoppers Fight At Wal-Mart

Wavw: "In the early morning rush at a Wal-Mart on Black Friday, customers fight over the last X-Box 360 console."

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vitz33188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

America! F**k Yeah!


Canada is not impressed with you.

Chubear3188d ago

and 1 week after they get it home the thing RRODs on them XD. I'm not joking. There's a high probability it will.

Sayai jin3188d ago

@Chubear - What probability factor? While funny if what you say were true; I mean them fighting over the 360 just to have it die on them. But really the RROD comments = beating a dead horse with a stick. Many other comments those about the PS3 and Wii. No, I guess you can go on and on about a console named the Wii.

vitz3 - Idiots come from every nation, city, etc. It's not just America. Believe me, I have lived abroad for 12 years, Japan, Germany, South America, France, UK and visited many more places including Canada.
So let's leave that comment alone.

On topic, this kind of foolishness caused one Wal-mart employee to get trampled and die. I mean I am all for a great deal, but damn.

Bnet3433188d ago

Why does America have to look good for Canada? I don't think people talk about Canada in this country ever. You know, it's not like we air hockey commercials saying American beer sucks ...

funktion_d3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Funny, first thing that came to mind was the same thing as Vits3... haha... We just dno't see such consummerism whores up here. I find it's hilarious ...Fat people scrambling around like animals.. esp over a microsoft product like the 360.

EDIT: i'm expecting negative bubbles and disagree's.. since most of you probably are from US, but I still think it's hilarious.

bomboclaat_gamer3188d ago

not everyone in america is stupid and fat. im jamaican and im slim and smart. u have stupid people everywhere. now back to playing some fifa 09 online. all i bought for my black friday is a usb flash drive

thewhoopimen3188d ago

Hey Sayai Jin,

if nobody is beating on the SAME dead horse twice, it's ok to keep smacking.

borgome3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Those people are whack.

Statix3188d ago

What can I say? Americans love a (lukewarm) deal. :)

SoulBrotha32923188d ago


artzm3188d ago

If this was Canada, we would have just seen the whole population.

mikeslemonade3188d ago

That was probably a stupid kid. Like an adult would be dumb enough to do that when you can buy the 360 for the 300 some odd other days of the year.

AAACE53187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

I knew something strange was taking place when there was only 1 Xbox 360 Elite left(Box was dented like it was dropped) and the rest of the case was empty, and 4 Wii's left with no one attempting to buy a Wii at the Wal-mart by me! And that was at 11 a.m.

Either way... All consoles should see a great boost for this week!

I didn'tmention the Ps3 cause I am not getting in the middle of the fanboy hate! But I probably will get sucked in anyway...

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RadientFlux3188d ago

This is why I never go shopping on Black Friday or Boxing Day

theEnemy3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

I find that vid funny.

No wonder the cameraman is laughing :D

tatotiburon3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

i feel sorry for the people tan couldn't get a xbox 360, well there is plenty of PS3 waiting for you haha and please don't forget to buy LBP, media molecule needs so desperate your money so they can have a decent christmas, please support the devs.

Meanwhile our friend clify is drinking some margaritas in his own yat around the bahamas, waiting for christmas eve in the playboymansion...ahhh feels good that your game sold millions

Magic_The_Celt3188d ago

yeah while your in your parents basement, lifeless, posting comments all day

man how does that feel? pathetic? degrading? depressing?

NegativeCreep4273188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

If only you could be that smooth with the women, LOL!

Pretty soon all those people will start taking all that adrenaline frustrations out on Microsoft's customer support helpline.

"Here little Timmy, I bought you an xbox 360 for christmas. But you better use it as much as you can, cause mommy's present is going to turn into a 7.7 pound white paperweight pretty soon.

The real Colombian3188d ago

The pot calling the ketle black?Why do you ask those questions if you already know the answer?

Zulwarn3188d ago

but but teh BLP,R2,VC teh teh reviews
but but teh cell, teh booray,teh......teh better value
but but teh yr of teh bs3 but......... but......... but rrod :(

wahhh wahh wahhhhhhh! :(

rofl BS3 fails even with its big hitters

NegativeCreep4273188d ago

and thats Too Human.

Do you little needle-d*ck fanboys remember that?

R2, Motorstorm 2, and LBP have already passed over the 1 million unit mark. Do you stupid kids still believe they are commercial flops?

Sez 3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

theres nothing that can help LBP sales. it will sell like viva pinata.


where the [email protected] are you fanboy getting your sales numbers from. i haven't heard anyone of the games you mentioned sold 1mil. plz provide a link to your facts. else it's just [email protected]!t

tatotiburon3188d ago

@1.1 LOL!!!! "posting comments all day ..." LOL!!, lets check your comment points, wow 4640 hahah don't you have a life you fu*** looser?, i have only 2950 points and i thought that i was an active user hahaha

@1.5 hahahaha the biggest flops of this generation, LAIR and Haze, two flops in a row

NegativeCreep4273188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Too Human took over 10 years to plan, develop, then finally release. That's 10 years (which I assume is longer than Tato's been alive) and Too Human was hyped over those 10 years as a revolutionary blockbuster that would stand the test of time as one of the greatest games of all time.

Lair and Haze did not even talk half as long to develop, stand to this day with review scores that meet or exceed Too Human's reviews, and were not as over-hyped as Too Human. Too Human is probably the biggest flop since E.T. for the Atari.

So Tato, why don't you now go ahead and reach up you're a$$ and give all of us another unsubstatial excuse?

Zulwarn3188d ago

and how many times had too human changed platforms and engines?
its not like too human was being developed for 360 for 10 yrs

lair and haze were hyped even more by you droids than too human

and btw

too human :

is still higher than





ravinshield3188d ago

now they are smart people.i would have done the same to get the best console on the market

cmrbe3188d ago

In Cliffy's playboy mansion you and PP are his play mates right?.


MiloGarret3187d ago

HAHA, Zulwarn owned NegativeCreep!

And hey, Too Human is actually pretty good, you should try it. Then try Lair or Haze and you'll quickly see a vast difference in quality in favour of too human.

NegativeCreep4273186d ago

Don't even F*cking lie and try to talk like yourself have had some personal gameplay experience with Lair or Haze. You're just a regular fanboy hermit who only leaves his piss-scented bedroom to go to the fridge and pack more tv dinners into the microwave.

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UltimateIdiot9113188d ago

Off topic but have you guys read this yet:

Consumerism at its finest.