GameTrailers: Left 4 Dead Review

Does this day of the dead usher in a new dawn for cooperative games?

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rbluetank3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

I am leaving this game "left 4 dead rental" only. i played the demo. i was not impressed to spend good money on this game.

time2die3375d ago

Then you will be missing out on one of the best co/op games on the market.

Regardless of how long the single player mode is the action is online and no level is ever played the same due to the Ai director.

rbluetank3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

@ time2die

L4D game has nothing new. the graphic are outdated and the guns are as well. i played the demo and i can safely say that i am saving money by not buying this game. there is no class system or rpg type of gameplay mechanic in this game;so what the draw after fours of play.. everybody is out for their self even if we need each other. i played plenty of games like this. R2 coop has problems at times when people look out for their self. it is the nature of the beast within some people. The class system and RPG helps to prevent greed in R2 8coop. i just prefer it over l4d. i am glad you and other like it. i will rent only