Massively: One Shots: Genesis

One of the things Massively really like about EVE Online is the creative ways that the players keep contributing to the lore of New Eden. Today's One Shots is actually a "found" screen, culled from the forums by Massively's own Brendan "Nyphur" Drain, showing just a small portion of the creativity behind EVE Online's player-base. Nyphur tells them a bit more about this screen: "I found this ages ago on the EVE forums and it's been my favourite screenshot ever since. It was either produced by a strange graphical bug or by opening the map in the New Eden system, but the composition of the screenshot gives it a wonderful symbolic feel. The map is visible with the Genesis region labled (the region that the EVE gate originated in and where settlers first entered New Eden). It's almost as if the genesis is occuring; the EVE gate giving birth to the thousands of little interconnected star systems that make up New Eden."

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