Pocket Gamer: Powerboat Challenge 3D iPhone Review

It was always one of the most bizarre prizes ever seen on a gameshow and, ironically enough, one that was almost never won. Just why would anyone want to win a speed boat? Even if flying around the seas, bobbing off the water at a pace was one of their top fantasies, where were they ever going to moor the thing?

No doubt the shows' producers assumed that very few people would ever win the top prize, making the speed boat more of a joke than a genuine reward. These days, the iPhone would actually be a more worthy top prize – why pay for rental at a marina when you can take to your boat and career across the water at frightening speeds without ever leaving your house?

Powerboat Challenge 3D, like much of Fishlabs's output, is all about speed management. Whether that's with a deft touch, keeping a clean line from start to finish, or the might of serious muscle, pushing your way to the front of the pack is all about maximising velocity.

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