1UP: Persona 4 Localization Q&A

David Ellis' controversial Killzone 2 criticisms on last week's 1UP Yours spawned massive message-board flame wars, so unless you listened closely, you might've missed a kinder, gentler gaming take: Shane Bettenhausen raving about Persona 4, Atlus' anticipated PS2 sequel to out-of-nowhere high school-sim role-playing hits Persona 3 and Persona 3: FES. And our resident Man-God's not the only admirer. Shane, Philip Kollar, Ray Barnholt, and myself are all on the same page: This is definitely one of the year's best RPGs -- Japanese or otherwise.

In anticipation of the fast-approaching December 9 release, 1UP tracked down Persona 4 project lead Yu Namba and lead editor Nich Maragos for a follow-up interview; they first chatted with the localization duo back at Anime Expo in July as the project ramped up in intensity. But now that it's over and done with, what are their thoughts on how everything turned out? Persona 4's twisting rural mystery really deserves a spoiler-free playthrough, so 1UP has tried to keep any specific plot and character elements to an absolute minimum here -- but just as a friendly warning, this chat does contain some very, very minor spoilers.

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