Digi-Guys take legal action against forum slanderer

PS3Center writes:

Forums exploded earlier this week when a forum poster on PS3forums said that the PS3 exclusive WarDevil was vaporware. Now Digi-Guys has taken legal action against the poster, but details still remain slim on their project.

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TheHater3402d ago

couldn't agree more. Now this will teach a lesson to all those so call insiders that report false information.

Statix3402d ago

To be completely fair and objective here, how do we know what he said was false information? Or did he even purport his statements to be more than just educated speculation in the first place?

Doppy3402d ago

Their and many other developers next stop should be n4g.

Montrealien3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

(Digi-Guys have stated that they have initiated legal proceedings against their
ex-employee, who has been posting on this forum under the username of 'LeeArcher'.)

So at least we know he was infact an ex employee, probaly also inveested in som way. He is not some kid inventing sh*t in his dad`s basement. This should get interesting.

Sergeant Osiris3401d ago

Ps3forums is EMBARRASSING, imagine a "playstation" forum overrun by 360 fanboys. That's where posters like "aquanox" come from, on there he is a notorious 360 fanboy.

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TOO PAWNED3402d ago

Now geek will cry for his mommy! "But i didn't mean to buah buah"

Montrealien3402d ago

not a geek that will cry to his mom, but some dude that will get hit with a legal bat for breaking NDA. Two very different things. I`m more interestd in knowing why he is so pissed to do such a thing. I have high hopes for this game.

Eromu3402d ago

Is there more to this story or did they really overreact that much to someone calling their game "vaporware"? A lawsuit seems kind of extreme...

TheHater3402d ago

someone clam that everything they show far was fake, and they have yet to get anything up and running on the PS3 after 2 years of development.

TOO PAWNED3402d ago

Game is still in production and as far as we know we could play it next year, so basically this geek by spreading this false rumor is putting them at risk in which many gamers accept this fact that game is in trash can and just miss it or goes under the radar. And just by reading comment of naive kids around forums, most of them did buy this fake azz rumor, so yeah legal actions are correct move. It might teach geeks not to take them selves to seriously.

truspector3402d ago

Good point and I would have to say I don't see too much coming out of this. Slander/Libel are tough to prove and I have a feeling the guy may be right.

So? I've seen much more outrageous claims on message boards fly under the radar. I've seen more outrageous fanboy claims on these boards today to be more specific.

@Too Pawned
That barely even makes sense and definitely doesn't dignify a response. RUN to school, the future of the world may depend on it.

Montrealien3402d ago

there is much more to this story, this is clearly not some kid spreading rumors, they would not of done this.

SuperM3402d ago

We dont know if the rumors are fake guys...

The funny thing is that just a day before that dude posted the stuff on the ps3 forum, i was checking out digi guys and the wardevil project and i was wondering if someone could pull of something like that without making a game at all, just fooling people by putting up some cg movies etc and bragging about the so called studios excellent equipment and such.

Then a day later i see this dude on the forum basically saying they are scammers and dont really have a product.

Ofcourse the key difference between this and what i was wondering about(didnt really believe it, i was just thinking if that could possibly be pulled off) is that digi guys are a studio and they are making a game, but they have got so little done and everything they show is just cgi. I could definately believe that though, because there is something fishy about those guys.

And remember how the dude on the forum talked about how digi guys threaten all the workers/ex-workers with lawsuits if they tell anything? Well that looks to be spot on.

Until we see the game running on a ps3 i think the guy on the forum was right.

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RadientFlux3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Sounds more like damage control to me.

I remember the company of the vaporware console "Phantom" used to do the same thing when people labeled their product vaporware.

Though I am hoping that I am wrong as I would like to see this game made.

Panthers3402d ago

I still think this guy might be telling the truth. It sounded like he was knowledgeable, but who knows.

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