What Game Developers Do When Their Games Launch

The build-up is huge. The expectations high. Everything runs at fever pitch. That's right, game launches are big (and stressful) affairs. For consumers, it's a waiting game.

Sure, we've seen the steady trickle of new screenshots, new trailers, playable convention demos and downloadable demos over the previous months - or often, much longer - but that's only half the story.

It's not only a waiting game for us, it's also a waiting game for the folks who toil away on a title. They've got so much more invested. While the consumer's aim is to buy a solid game, the aim of developers is two-fold: produce a solid title and then sell it. After all that time spent working on a game and then releasing it "into the wild" must be a nerve-racking, thrilling and maybe even somewhat bittersweet. It's out of the developer's protective cocoon and must fend for itself.

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