Killzone 2 Beta Extended For Another Week

Motherh, who is one of the developers working on Killzone 2, posted this on official Playstation forums..

"Due to popular demand, phase 3 of the beta has been extended by one whole week and will now conclude on the 7th of December. Happy fragging folks and remeber to keep that feedback coming on"

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Fishy Fingers3245d ago

Popular demand? Surely the popular demand is to open the beta for all? Sorry, a little jealous you guys get an extra week ;)

TheHater3245d ago

I would love to be in that beta also :(

elorm93245d ago

After all, you ain't missin much ;)


Epic3245d ago

I have a Home key, I would like to trade for a Killzone Key - But I doubt anyone would do that deal hehe.

But yeh sorry for the confusion. Home.. for Killzone or PSN game(s) - anyone interested?

Doppy3245d ago

@ Elorm9

You are pure evil :(

PS3n3603245d ago

When this game is released there is going to be a real disadvantage online. people have been honing skills and getting familiar with weapons etc. I am gonna get my ass handed to me on a platter. Its to the point that I am not sure i want to buy it, and that makes me bummed.

legendkilla3244d ago

im owning people now!! i cant wait until there's more noob's playing lol

Tony P3244d ago

And yet pulling off that perfect headshot on Mr. I-played-the-beta will perk you right up.

It's all in what you put into it.

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Storm233245d ago

But I just want to wait til the final release and have every experience fresh for this game. I'm done looking at anything related to Killzone 2...especially on December 4th when the single player stuff comes out. So ready for this game, lol.

Epic3245d ago

or PSN game(s), anyone?

Storm233245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

for a Home beta key or a Killzone 2 key?

Snyph3r3245d ago

I have Home Key, will trade for your killzone 2 key

elorm93245d ago

Home isn't worth it anyway. It gets boring after 10 mins. All there is to do is bowling, playing pool, arcade games, and congo lines

shovelbum3245d ago

I've had it for several weeks now but have only put about two hours into it. It's pretty good as far as gameplay and graphics but I've just had too many other games to play lately and it hasn't pulled me in like I'd hoped it would.

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N4G4L3245d ago

nyone has a killzone 2 beta key wil trade my home key plus three games warhawk w expansion packs, echochrome, and tekken 5 PM me plzzz

The Dark Side3245d ago

I another week to sharping my skills, beware of Blackspartan187 in February. Killzone 2 FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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