Monster Games working on secret title for Nintendo

Monster Games, creator of the niche Wii game Excite Truck, released the game way back in 2006. Since then, the company has been on the down-low. It has been confirmed today, however, that Monster Games is definitely hard at work on a new title...

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TheColbertinator3518d ago

F-Zero looks like a possibility and that could signal a push in Wii killer-app software.I love F-Zero.

ChickeyCantor3518d ago

Don't say that -_-.
When i heard Sega was making F-zero with nintendo I was really scared that it would turn out to be "sh/t".
Have you seen the " interview " crap with captain falcon and the Cutscenes? You could clearly see it was sega doing that.
But then again it came out very good actually ( but no damn online mode >_< track editor...damn it)

Nintendo should do it all!

TheColbertinator3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

I guess your right.Either way I just want the series to be on Wii and crush Wipeout

Captain_Sony3518d ago

I wouldnt mind having another excite Truck. only more depth to the game and online.

Product3517d ago

How bout ExciteBike with online and track editor?

Smacktard3518d ago

Wouldn't mind having a new IP.

Sayai jin3518d ago

Nice, but the problem is that most of the people who have brought the Wii do not care about secret games. They did not get the Wii for secret games. There are those Nintendo loyal who love the first party games.

ChickeyCantor3518d ago

I'm not following you...
They do not love "secret" games?
We don't even know what this is...

kesvalk3518d ago

well, i know more than 20 with wiis, and all of then love some secret...

Sayai jin3518d ago

What I am saying is that the Wii has went the way of the casual gamer. Point blank.

I also said the majority not all. I work in a company with thousands of employee and I based my comments on the couple of hundred that I know that own the Wii.

Captain_Sony3518d ago

Couple hundred you know???/ Yeah right.. You are just repeating what you see trolls saying without ever finding out if it has any real merit.

Sayai jin3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

No need to be rude. Yes, a few hundred. I work for BAE Systems (British Aerospace) they emply thousand of people. I do not speculate. Which what you are doing with me. Most people I know who brought a Wii, which I own one, but my four children play it more than me and the Mrs. Anyways, most people I know who brought the Wii are people who mainly play the Wii sports that is included and a few more party type games. They are not your typical gamers. So, no those people are not looking for a secret game. I for one would welcome another StarFox or something like an Excite Bike.

Real merit? Huh?

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Gr813518d ago

Gonna keep my eyes on this one. One of the thing that's great about Nintendo is they just have a plethora of established IP's to choose from. I'd love a new pilot wings, the 64 version was awesome. The racing game I 'd like most to make a return though is Wave Race, though that doesn't seem to likely due to WS:resort, but a guy can dream can't he? F-zero is a good guess. we'll just have to wait and see.

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