Americas Sales for the Week Ending November 22, 2008

In the lead up to Black Friday, videogame sales continue ramp up in the Americas. Hardware sales increased to over 1m units this week, up 15% from last week. The total hardware sold is less than a year ago at this time, when Black Friday arrived earlier than in 2008. However, outside of that timing difference, the recession does not appear to be harming the industry. The real reason for the seasonal increases is of course the volume of top software released. Left 4 Dead, Animal Crossing, Need For Speed, as well as new entries in the Mortal Kombat and Tomb Raider series pushed all hardware sales up except for Wii, which is being withheld a bit for an enormous stock deployment on Black Friday.

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TheColbertinator3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

I hope sales explode today

Covenant3465d ago


Oh wait, that was my sanity (I work in retail)

Danja3465d ago

well I went to BB and walmart today...and every single console was sold out at Walmart even the

at Best Buy I saw 1 360 and about 3 PS3's Wii's or PSP's in sight...

aggh im on fire3465d ago

Ive just been looking at there top 50 for the week. Wheres Resistance2 ? Has it fell out of the top 50 or am i just being blind?

Roukuko3465d ago

r2 was 5 under tombraider whats funny is tomb raider and last remnant didnt even make top 10 on xbox. Its ok though they get dlc that noone will buy.

happyface3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

r2 looks to be the biggest sales disappointment of the year!

hyped to be a Gears of War 2 competitor, but ps3 owners aren't even supporting their exclusive, they choose Call of Duty instead

WHY buy a ps3 if you dont like the exclusives????? ps3 owners like multiplat games better than their r2 lbp motorstorm

LightningPS33465d ago

people want some idea of how things are going before the NPD. But VG chartz usually fails.

Covenant3465d ago

VG's numbers are OK for guesstimates, but best taken with a grain of salt.

Johnny Rotten3465d ago

VG Chartzzzz

yes that's chartz with a z.

heyheyhey3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )


ah it was a blissful period with no VGchartz bullcrap, but you had bring it back didn't you? and why... because you saw VG posted 360 outselling the PS3 and you got all giddy didn't you?

it was good without VGchartz... fvcking 360 fanboys

EDIT: @ rofl

hmm, total time spent on N4G today... about an hour and a half... in like 10 minute chunks when i have some leftover time

oh wait your the moron who can't think for sh!t aren't you? that explains it

just because i'm intellectually superior to you doesn't mean yo have to cry and call me a troll... you think VGchartz are tangible? what a tool you are..

my life is fine thank you, yes i like to troll here and there... but that's because it's entertaining- you know, watching degenerates like you wail and make racist remarks because they have no come back


why thank you..... and likewise

ROFL COPTER3465d ago

you're obviously a ps3 fanboy. you spend your whole day on this site. get a life

Magic_The_Celt3465d ago

im pretty sure in the past you'v supported me, im pretty sure in the past you'v called me out on things

but goddamn you make me laugh.

jack who3465d ago

bu bu bu butteh cell fail americas

ROFL COPTER3465d ago

"you think VGchartz are tangible?"

Work on your GED please. 1.5 hours trolling on a website eh? Once again...get a life. You're a pathetic loser.

heyheyhey3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

hmmm... said the ignorant racist d!ck

how does it feel to have a black man as your president by the way? hurts doesn't it redneck?

now be a good redneck and go fvck your sister as entertainment for your mother.... my life is fine thank you, much better than your close-minded one

it's not 1.5 hours of trolling- it's about 10 minutes of trolling and the rest chatting to folk on the forum, reading the news etc etc... your day was 24 hours of being a dumbass though... nice one :)

oh and by the way

tangible = definite, not vague

back to school with you

Potty Scotty3465d ago

Any unfavorable Playstation 3 news is going to warrant crying from you Playstation 3 Fanboys. Aren't you guys tired of crying all day long? I know the beating you take from Xbox 360 must hurt but take it like a man.

Danja3465d ago

it's not about Negative PS3 news it's about VGchartz , they're figures are never correct...these are just guesses or these articles normally just produced flame wars...

BTW I thought Vgchartz was banned...?

karlostomy3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

Shut your trolling mouth up.
Your posts in this thread seem to dribble on and on like festering verbal diarrhoea...

Vgchartz has been proven to be estimating sales accurately enough to be considered a good guide to overall sales.

Often they are wrong, but they have recently overstated ps3 sales as often as 360 sales in the past.

Just because the sales don't reflect your personal agenda, doesn't mean Dannager can't post these VG analyses.

Who made you the fvcking president of n4g submission guidelines?

Just for your demented arrogance, i will from now on go out of my way to post VG data again.

Suck it up you sad, sad Sony c0cksucker..

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