Why is Tomb Raider selling better on PS3?

Greg Howson writes:

"Am I the only one a little surprised to see that the Tomb Raider Underworld is selling better on PS3 than 360? Yes, you could argue that 360 owners have simply too many games available at the moment - including exclusives like Gears of War 2 and Fable 2 – and that Lara has to join the queue. Plus 360 owners do – as a stereotype – prefer their shooters to their platform puzzle games. But PS3 owners have got exclusives like LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2, as well as access to most of same third party games that 360 owners have. So why has Lara proved more popular to PS3 owners than 360?"

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Dannagar3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

It's selling better because this is the third Tomb Raider game released on Xbox 360, it's the first Tomb Raider game on PS3. For Xbox 360 users, there are way too many other chooses. Some that include, Left 4 Dead and Gears of War 2.

TheHater3184d ago

So I am guess PS3 owners don't have other games such as Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm 2, and Valkyria Chronicles to choose from. Your logic fail.

beast3184d ago

As per Metacritic

VC Highest HD JRGP/Strage exclusive
LBP Best overall hightest rated HD exclusive
Resistance 2 wich by IGN is a better buy than amazing GeOW2
Burnout hd


Plus L4D is also on PC. That leaves GeOW 2 and Fable II. Needless to say both are awesome but Only GeOW2 is rated above 90.

So just maybe just maybe in Europe PS3 install base is > 360

zuesholmes3184d ago

There are plenty of games on PS3 to play atm, it's more likely brand loyalty. There's nothing "better" to play on 360 atm, just "different" games to play on 360. I've been playing a lot of Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, Socom "which is like crack to me lol", and Buzz and am thinking about Tomb Raider just because i loved the old 1's. Almost forgot Dead Space, that last trophie is tough lol, and been playing Metal Gear again just cause i liked it so much, kinda like Uncharted, i played it over and over again because it was so much fun lol

rawd3184d ago

Dannagar, sorry try again. The princess is in another castle.

morganfell3184d ago

Because DLC is over rated and the better version is on the PS3.

thewhoopimen3184d ago

You've got those 2 and what else? Fable 2? PS3 users got everything else you've got and more this season (at least in terms of A games).

I'll tell you why ps3 users are buying up tomb raider more the 360s. PS3 users have higher disposable incomes. Especially those who can buy 360 and ps3. Those users may consider themselves 360 aficianados, but in terms of income, they are definitely in the ps3 income bracket range.

NaiNaiNai3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

>.> why are people arging over how well a horible game is selling. >.> doesn't that make the owners of the system that is selling the most games, idiots. >.> you know cause they don't know what a good game is. XD....sounds reasonable to me.

to the guy above me. T_T your a idiot. i make enough to buy a ps3 360 wii and a new pc. and yet i don't why, nothing im interested in. the only thing the ps3 has going for it with me is killzone 2. why, because i can find a cheaper blueray player now. and one game is not worth 400$

tk3184d ago

I agree with the statement that it is the 3rd on the XB360 - therefore it will not sell as well. First one on PS3 - so the TR fans has only one game to get for PS3 in the series. Makes sense.

iamtehpwn3184d ago

Many Playstation fans are long time Tomb Raider fans, and have playstation 3's--Thus the fan base carries over. For example, Final Fantasy XIII will sell more on PS3 (no fanboyism intended here) in the US and Europe due to a majority of the Final Fantasy core fanbase still being loyalist to Playstation.

So, with that said, if you were to bring Halo or gears to Ps3, it'd sell more on 360 because the fanbase for those games are still on 360.

heroicjanitor3184d ago

It's pretty obvious when you think about it, the tomb raider series has long been associated with playstation, so most of her fans have ps3s. Plus where is this argument that the 360 owners have too much to buy coming from? The ps3 has more exclusives these past few months and they are rated higher than the 360 ones...

INehalemEXI3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

More Grown arse men own PS3's then any other demographic and many can't deny polygonal bewbies.

Whatever happened to that game called Wet? It looked like it would be good.

gameraxis3184d ago

Uncharted burned a path through many gamers living rooms, and was such a good experience that gamer are looking for more of it..

i think that's pretty safe to say, but who really knows

Bubble Buddy3184d ago

Funny thing is most 360 games I want that are "exclusive", I can play on a PC.

Raoh3184d ago

iamtehpwn and gameraxis make the most sense.

I'll also add that going forward i expect more 360 software sales to decline for non AAA games. Even though the console will continue to sell. Why?

Pirated 360 games is the new thing. i got rid of my 360 last holiday. but pirating 360 games gives me reason to give the 360 a shot again. a cheap jasper 360 will do me just fine and i wont have to buy 360 games.

ps3? virtually unhackable at the moment so games will continue to sell if you want to play the games on it.

Bubble Buddy3184d ago

My guess is people can't wait for Uncharted 2? :P.

pshizle3184d ago


the only game im getting for my ps3 this holdiday might be
lbp or resistance2 but really there not many good ps3 games this holiday besides those two

heroicjanitor3184d ago

fable and gears against littlebigplanet,resistance 2, motorstorm 2, Bioshock, Socom, Valkyria Chronicles and Naruto... Left 4 dead is on pc so it isn't exclusive... Safe to say the ps3 owners have more games so come up with something logical

Firstkn1ghT3184d ago

You just have to look at the sales of the 360 with monster hits like Gears 2, Fable 2, and Left 4 Dead. These games are crushing the ps3's holiday gaming library. Much better options on the 360 than this game. Nobody is buying R2 or LBP so I guess they're sticking with an old favorite and that is Tomb Raider.

Fallen_Angel3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

sony fanboys can talk all they want about great ps3 exclusive but you have to ask yourself this if these games are so great why are the ps3 fanboys not buying them ? lil big flop and R2 combine barely break 1 million in sells while GoW 2 has already broke 3 million in sells and fable 2 is well over 1.5 million. There are close too 5 million people the decided to get GoW2 and Fable 2 for the 360 over TR and only 1 million people that decide to get lil big flop and r2 over TR on the ps3. Also these are just uk numbers once the WW number come in I'm betting TR will sell more on the 360.

heroicjanitor wow talk about being beyond stupid. 1st off bioshock isnt a ps3 exclusive its been out on 360 for over a year it also made its way to the pc. 2nd pc is not a consoles and 3rd are you really counting trash like naruto, and glitchcom as AAA exclusives ? If you just want to count any old exclusive 360 has Too Human. Last Remnant, Lips, Infinite Undiscovery and Banjo-Kazooie just to name a few

pixelsword3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

...if there were a lot of great games coming out in a very short time, then of course none of them will sell well, because no everyone is going to buy all of them at once. There were so many good games coming out for the PS3 that you'd have to give it a few months before the numbers will be representative, counting gameplay and all.


- Valkyria Chronicles

- Motorstorm 2

- Resistance 2

- LittleBigPlanet

Now, if you split those four up evenly in a million-person purchase sales chart, you'd have 250,000 per title.

The 360's notable list of exclusive games:

Fable 2

Gears of war 2

Which if you put that in a chart will make 500,000 purchases per title, making those two titles go to 1 million twice as fast (I'm not doing Left 4 Dead, because it just came out). If you leverage the fact that most 360 people art shooter fans, then Gears 2 will reach 1 million much faster (two million on the first day, which proves my point). In terms of multiplat games for the PS3, the list points even more, even if by a little, for PS3 users:

Not counting games like

- Bioshock with PS3-exclusive DLC

- Mirror's Edge, the PS3-Centered multiplatform title

- Fallout 3, one of the most well-done sandbox games this year (better than GTA IV, for sure, of which PS3 buyers likely bought less of)

- Dead Space, one of the games that out-does Resident Evil and Silent hill in Survival Horror. Of this the only "point" that could be stated is that the PS3 has a better looking "skin" for the game. Woot.

At any rate, the PS3 users have a lot more to handle at the moment, and have more of a reason to look forward to multiplat games now than before.

SonyOwnsNextYear3183d ago


ps3 wont rrod or scratch your discs.
ps3 is THE hd gaming console to get.
360 is 3 years old.....dated hardware.
ps3 is future proof.360 is NOT

cliffbo3183d ago

the answer to this question is in your post but it's not what you said, it's your gaming preference

godofthunder103183d ago

I'm tired of all this childish fighting over stupid games and system.Fanboys act like this is more important to fight over then the major issues we are faceing in the world today and it's pathetic.

The fact is that TR is and have always been a favorite of ps owners.The fact is that both system has good and bad games on them.Fanboys want to talk about how many exclusive their system have on it.The fact is that about only 50% of them would be any good.Out of those you would only have about 20% that's really worth buying.So i wish that they all shut the h*ll up about exclusives.

They always have some crazy fanboy that don't really know what the h*ll is going on.They will say and agree with anything to make the system they have look better.Fox exsample,they have one ps3 fanboy saying that the ps3 has more exclusive games then the 360 and he claims that bioshock is a ps3 exclusive and it's been out about a year already on the 360.He just proved my point that fanboys like him are just childish,ridiculious,and pathetic.

I'm also tired of hearing the ps3 and 360 fanboys saying that the system they have will win this generation.The fact is that they are both wrong but to bias to admit the truth about the other system if it's good news.I have a 360 and i wouldn't trade it for a ps3 or wii for anything,but i'm not like fanboys that think my system is the best thing since oxygen.The fact is that the wii will outsell both systems this gen and i'll admitt it and i don't even like the wii.

Fanboys are hypercrits to.They will always critisize something if it's on the other system,but if the same thing is on their system then it's great.Fanboys always agree with negative news about the other system even if they know it's not true.They will always disagree about positive news about the other system even if they know it's true.They do the exact thing with the system they have but they always agree with positive news about it even when they know it's not true and they will always disagree with positive news about the system they have even if they know it's true.I'm tired of hearing that the 360 doesn't really have any exclusives because they are on the pc to..Ps3 fanboys could say it all they still want change the fact that they are still on the top best sellers list is games sold for systems.I'm also tired of hearing the 360 or ps3 has the better exclusives.The fact is that not 1 of them do.A person that's nuetral might think that the ps3 has better exclusives then another one might say that the 360 has better exclusives.It depends of what a person like.The fact is that fanboys don't see it that way.Ps3 fanboys claim that R and LBP is a lot better then halo,GOW and fable.If Halo,GOR and fable was on the ps3 and R and LBP was on the 360 They would be saying that GOW,halo and fable are great games and LBP and R suxed because it was on the 360.360 fanboys would do the same thing.If LBP and R was on the 360 they would say they are great games.If GOW,halo and fable was on the ps3 they would say they suxed.100% of fanboys that claim that the system they have have all the good exclusive and the other system don't are just saying it because they have the system they are takeing up for.if they would have the other system they would be saying it has the better exclusives and that's just fact and it just shows how pathetic they are.I'm also tired of hearing what system have more exclusives.The fact is that they are real close.I think that the 360 might have a few more but the ps3 might have just a few more i'm not positive about it as a matter of fact i don't even give a damn about it because it's a stupid thing to fight over.I'm tired of hearing that microsoft don't care about their customers buy sony do.The fact is that neither 1 gives a sh*t about us all they are worried about is selling systems and they lied to us already to do it.The people that think sony cares about them are really pathetic.

I suggest that fanboys of the 360 and ps3 just enjoy the system and games they have.They shouldn't even worry about the other system because it doesn't concern them one damn bit. The fact is that all the people that keep argueing that the system they have is better or has better exclusives are just childish,pathetic,ridiculious and all they are doing is makeing a bigger a** out of theirselfs.

My son is 15 and my nephew is 13 and they both plays on each other system without fighting.When kids like these act like they have more sence then the older gamers on these boards then the future of our world is in danger because of their bias stoopid remaks.God help us with people like them.

EvilCackle3183d ago

"It's selling better because this is the third Tomb Raider game released on Xbox 360, it's the first Tomb Raider game on PS3."

Actually, that part of your answer might be true.

xwabbit3183d ago

Lol pixel you owned fallen

NickIni3183d ago

"1st off bioshock isnt a ps3 exclusive its been out on 360 for over a year it also made its way to the pc. 2nd pc is not a consoles"

Just read that, he owned himself haha.

xwabbit3183d ago

ROFL nicky not to be mean but did you read what he said ? He never said Bioshock was exclusive LOL he said DLC = Down Loadable Content .... so your post just made you look silly :)

NickIni3182d ago


"it also made its way to the pc. 2nd pc is not a consoles"

Read that again.

xwabbit3182d ago

You sure it made it for PC ?

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Le-mo3184d ago

Because Eidos released the demo on the 360 and they realized how crappy the game was and decided not to buy it. This is why exclusive demo suck.

Aclay3184d ago

That's a good point Le-mo, however, I also think that Tomb Raider is selling more on the PS3 because people that have been Playstation owners throughout the years have played Tomb Raider and are more familiar with the franchise, and there are probably more Tomb Raider fans with PS3's than 360's.