Resident Evil Creator Shinji Mikami Won't Play Number 5 - Ex-Capcom and Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami has said he won't be playing Resident Evil 5 when it arrives because it'll cause him too much stress...

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Le-mo3343d ago

I can't blame him. It must be a pain seeing the series you have created being turn from a survival horror to an action adventure game.

Cwalat3343d ago

I am fan from the beginning, and i can completely agree with him,
they didn't need to make the changes inorder for it to become a big hit... they just needed to improve the already excisting features...

i still miss the old days where you had to really think hard on what weapons to save ammo for and soforth... todays RE, it seems you can just run and gun your way through things and then finish the game with no tactics whatsoever...

so tell me capcom?
was it worth it?

they basically destroyed the very thing that the company was born from, only because they wanted more sales... shorterm better sales vs longterm better games.... ?

vickers5003343d ago

That guy is a pretentious a-hole.

skapunkmetalskater3343d ago

I agree, Resident Evil 5 will be great but it's not Resident Evil. RE is about spooky, creepy stuff, not rabid blasting...

NaiNaiNai3343d ago

yes >.> nothing like bad camera angles, slow moving characters slow moving zombies, i remember playing those games, i never got scared or worried. the only thing that scared the slittest bit me i still have my ink ribbon. T_T. i like the way the new games are going, they are more built for a scare, they are better horror games. not im scared cause i cant see around the corner....even though my character is looking in that direction.

3343d ago
ChampIDC3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Yeah, apparently poor control and a totally gimped character is necessary for a horror game. *rolls eyes*

Sure, the new games may not be as scary, but that's because your character is more possible to control.

TheColbertinator3343d ago

Shinki Mikami is too busy making new IPs and original games instead of playing a horror series that is recycled as a shooter

ChampIDC3343d ago

Shooters can still be plenty scary if they make them right. Look at F.E.A.R. That game almost made me piss myself.

ape0073343d ago

I noticed about resi 5

resi 5(still have to play it)seems like a shooter,it doesn't feel like a true resi game,it seems to follow lost planet and dead rising road as a fun action shooter/fighter,with hundreds of enemies poping at you at once without focusing on the horror factor,I got frustrated when I saw the co-op style gameplay,damn,if I want co-op I'll play gears or R,no need,this is resi,this is horror

worse yet,am afraid the whole game design fails to deliver the typical resi style

am sure 100% that resi4 have much better game design,humor,places,pacing/flo w,characters and magic

but still I have to try it

fishd3343d ago

OMG,I found another person on the earth who is not excited for RE5,Now we are 2 persons,anybody wanna join us?We can be the three stooges!

Srsly,this is not a Resident Evil,this is just an action game with zombies,NOT A RESIDENT EVIL*sigh*

kesvalk3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

4 here

heck, i dind't even got scared on RE4, even super metroid scared me more than the news RE games

c'mon! why there is a merchant in a place full of zombies? you fight aganist a gnome in pirate garment... this is ridiculous, not scary!

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The story is too old to be commented.
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