Changing a PS3 hard drive is piss hard


"I read about a dozen online guides before I tried to swap out my PS3 hard drive, this week. Each one claimed that it was easy – great, I thought! Still, an element of doubt struck me when I glanced at the comments thread of these walkthroughs, as everyone seemed to have a problem with the blue screw that locks the hard drive in. This little bastard is troublesome for two reasons: firstly, it's wound up tighter than the titanium bolts in Fort Knox. Secondly, it's basically made out of a material with the same density as water.

You practically get three attempts to screw it off, before it's stripped altogether. Then you're completely buggered – game over. A horrible, but anecdote-friendly irony, considering it's a videogames console we're dealing with."

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Storm233223d ago

I found it to be really easy. It's awesome we have the choice to get whatever Hard Drive we want.

Snyph3r3223d ago

Even my 12 year old daughter can do it with no problem!

UNCyrus3223d ago

It took me 7 minutes total without even looking at directions... I found it "piss easy"

IzKyD13313223d ago

it's so easy, even pp can do it (and that's saying something)

sarcastoid3223d ago

Yeah... I did it a few weeks ago and was so impressed with how easy it was. I actually wondered how it could be easier to be honest...

wetowel3223d ago

All I can say is wow.... honestly im starting to think that people just wanna complain about stupid crap just to get hits.

Area_513223d ago

I did mine in lil less then 10 mins. If this guy read up he would have known that the screws strip easy. Thats why you have to use the RIGHT SCREWDRIVER. This guy is a tool

mikeslemonade3223d ago

Just gotta make sure you got the right size screw or you will ruin the teeth and then it would be hard to get out.

Genesis53223d ago

Can't be to good of a gamer if he has a hard time working a screw driver.

Homicide3223d ago

It's not hard, just frustrating taking off those screws.

Flipgeneral3223d ago

the only problem I encountered was not having the correct philips number. If you don't want to spend $$, just bring the HDD to your local handy shop and loosen it there

Doppy3223d ago

I had a problem with my screw also. It was screw it so tight, not even my Cole-train esque uncle could get it out. It kind of stripped, but we got it out with a drill, and replaced the screw.

uie4rhig3223d ago

i know quite a lot about pc hardware.. i can do it with my eyes closed .. but if i'd ask a classmate (IT course) he wouldn't know where to start lol

anh_duong3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

maybe the author forgot to turn the screw anticlockwise instead of clockwise.. knowing which direction to turn a screw to loosen it can be piss difficult if you don't know which direction anticlockwise is. hint: it's the same direction as the second, minute and hour hand sweeps on a clock (hence clockwise).

hmm... maybe the author has a digital clock and this confused him.

chasuk083223d ago

When you change your hardrive do you need an external hardrive to backup data ??

BrianC62343223d ago

I had trouble with the one screw like he mentioned but I was prepared with pliers so I just used them after a screwdriver didn't work. No big deal and now I have a big and fast hard drive, 320GB and 7200 RPM.

BrianC62343223d ago

"maybe the author forgot to turn the screw anticlockwise instead of clockwise.. knowing which direction to turn a screw to loosen it can be piss difficult if you don't know which direction anticlockwise is. hint: it's the same direction as the second, minute and hour hand sweeps on a clock (hence clockwise). "

You have me confused now. What's anticlockwise? Do you mean counterclockwise? And that means the opposite of clockwise. You said anticlockwise is the same way the second, minute and hour hands move but that's clockwise.

dj_funky3223d ago

it's so easy.. a caveman can do it.

Elimin83223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Than 2-3 mins .. maybe 4 just to make sure everything including HD screws were secure... but no more than that.

Real Gambler3223d ago

"he whole task is just slightly more irritating than it should be, compared to, say, clipping out and replacing a 360 drive"

Personnally, I would rather have to fight a little bit with a small screw, get twice to four times the capacity of a 360 drive and buy an extra game or two with the extra money. I guess he didn't want to ask his dad to do it for him!

MNicholas3223d ago

Why would you tell the whole world that you don't know how to use a screw driver?

PS3 FTW3223d ago

Hmmmm it took me about 1-3 minutes to change it.

If that's "piss hard" what's quick and easy 5 seconds?

I gues the 360 HDD is easier to change but have fun paying $100 for a 360 60g. For $105 I bought a 320g for my PS3. Sure it took about 1 minute longer to change, but I'm will to wait 60 seconds longer to get over 5x the storage for the same price.

ultimolu3223d ago

There's so many videos on how to do this and it's hard for this guy...

Sarcasm3223d ago

Wow... It's official, this generation is filled with idiots.
Now we got people who cant use the right tools to unscrew two small screws???

gw4k3223d ago

10 minutes of less. Easy as hell to back up, replace and load up.

Thanks for the terrible/misleading story.

FrankenLife3223d ago

How does a person fail at this? I don't understand. This does not make sense.

SonyOwnsNextYear3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

my asian friends mother can do it, and she has NO PERIPHERAL vision.....the retard who wrote this article must have used a hammerdrill to unscrew the hdd slot lock

one more anti ps3 article, one more laugh for me.

ps3 is kicking major ass, so now they resort to complaining about a key factor in the ps3s "non-propietary" upgrade capabilities.


say my name 5 times.

Jinxstar3223d ago

I have the 60 gig version of the PS3 my roomy has the 40 gig. We both upgraded our HDD's and mine was considerably harder. The screws stripped and it was annoying but I got it done. his had like 1 screrw and was cake...

sparced3223d ago

This is what happens when you choose a random kitchen utensil instead of the correct screw driver.

yesah3222d ago

swapped mine about 2 weeks ago, i read alot posts of people saying how easily the screws strip, and how hard they are to unscrew.

But honestly once you actually try its very very easy. If you have more muscle density then a turnip, you'll manage.

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Ben10543223d ago

use a good screwdriver it wouldnt wear away as easy

typikal823223d ago

So true.

I mean if you're going to THINK about taking apart a $400-$600 piece of equipment you better have the right damn parts. They sell those small screw driver kits with multiple bits cheap!

All you need is right tool for the right job. The Author of the article is a moron.

BrianC62343223d ago

I don't think it matters how good the screwdriver is. I had a good enough screwdriver but still had trouble with the one tough screw. It's probably just screwed in too tight. But all of the online guides talk about maybe needing pliers so just make sure you have them. The head of the tough screw seems to be softer metal

SlyGuy3223d ago

Sure the process IS easy, but the fact is the screws strip much easier than any other screw I used before.

I stripped two (of the 4) of mines with a good screwdriver.

Fortunately there are solutions for getting out a stripped screw...this guy should google it. Worth a shot.

buffalo10663223d ago

its very difficult when u try to use a kitchen knife to unlock the blue screw.

unless your using a screw driver thats way too big to fit the screw there shouldnt be any problems. i didnt even look up a guide i knew where the hdd was i opened it up and tested a bunch of different screw drivers until i found 1 that fit the screw and 10 mins later i was formatting the hdd in my ps3

theEnemy3223d ago

the idiot used a small screw driver that doesn't fit with the blue screw.

Then the blue screw got loosed, he jumps out to his computer and rant.

she00win993223d ago

only one reason why it's hard: you're mentally challenge...

MAiKU3223d ago

Lord have mercy is some fool out there doesn't know how to format a hardrive then put in PS3.

I mean i've done 3 friggen times!

MAiKU3223d ago

I could've sworn i used proper grammar in that post... maybe i was drinking.

Ps_alm3k3223d ago

I did it blind...(sarcastic)
so so easy....

Epic3223d ago

You crack me up Stevie.