GamersTemple: WipEout HD review


"The game looks great in HD, and the tracks and surrounding environments have a unique, futuristic look to them and make it appear that everything is made from glass and chrome. The game does a fantastic job of conveying a sense of speed without any slowdowns or frame rate hiccups. The techno soundtrack is a perfect match for the game, both in style and in mood. This is a racing game with plenty of style, and that style is uniquely its own.

Owners of the Wipeout games on the PSP will appreciate the chance to play the game on a large screen, but other than that, Wipeout HD is more like the PSP games than it is different. If you're among this group you'll need to decide for yourself whether or not it is worth it to you to buy what is essentially a game that you already own, just for the privilege of playing it in HD. If you're new to Wipeout and enjoy high speed, arcade racing, then it is easy to recommend that you take Wipeout HD out for a run. Just watch out for those side walls..."

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