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"Mirror's Edge is clearly an ambitious game, and you really should give EA credit for the interesting new elements. Unfortunately, the restrictive nature of the city, along with the completely odd and unnecessary shooting segments, really knock the score down a few pegs. If the game sells well and warrants a sequel, then I would hope that the developers would play through the Metroid Prime series to get a feel of how a first person adventure should be handled. Until then, Mirror's Edge provides a largely fresh experience and some crazy speed, right along with some lame shooting sequels and the failure to deliver true go anywhere do anything gameplay. So, again, Mirror's Edge somehow found a way to be a blah game and a pretty solid one at the same time. This one is definitely a game you'll want to rent first, as I get the feeling it you will be either love it or hate it."

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NaiNaiNai3460d ago

i look at the score and this site fails. dont care why they rated it that low. the game was made for fun not story, not length. it was worth a rent, and a buy at 30-40. so get over it, the game is amazing. go out and try it yourself if you don't belive me, instead of going, oh low ratings, must be crap. get your own mind in the game.

Kyur4ThePain3460d ago

This is just more proof to me as to why I shouldn't look at any review scores.
Personally, I rate this game at least 8/10, because I enjoy it.
This is the end of reviews for me.