GamersTemple: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows review


"It's very disappointing how quite a few repetitive missions and overall lack of polish can bring down such a fun combat system for a Spider-man game. Treyarch should really keep this combat style and expand upon it for the next Spider-man game that they develop since they really have captured the feeling of intense overall aerial and ground combat for a Spider-man game in Web of Shadows. The game is worth a look for gamers that are in the mood for a good action title with a fun combat system. You might want to try before you buy however.

The Good:
+ Very fun and flashy combat system
+ Boss fights are long and engaging
+ Fluid Spider-man animations during web swings and jumps

The Bad:
- Overall lack of polish
- The gameplay can become repetitive with the simple "Beat up X amount of baddies" missions that plague the game
- Spider-man's whiny voice is so annoying and ruins his usual corny jokes

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 70%. With its flashy combat system, Web of Shadows is a notable addition to the other sandbox style Spider-man games but the overall mission structure and lack of polish keeps it from standing out as well as it could."

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