GamersTemple: Resistance 2 Review


"Resistance 2 also includes a co-op mode that is unlike any other. Rather than just letting you play through the game with a buddy, co-op mode creates a random series of objectives on one of its many co-op maps that can be taken on by a team of up to eight players. The need to cooperate extends beyond the common objectives in this mode – each player must select from one of three classes and success is critically dependent on each player fulfilling their role. The soldier gets the heaviest weapon, but can also generate a shield that can protect a couple of players at a time. The medic can heal other players, and is in fact the only source of extra health in co-op mode. Lastly, the Special Ops player is the long-range gunner and the team's sole source of additional ammunition. Although the co-op missions are random there is an effective co-op campaign in the game. Completing missions earns cash and experience, as well as unlocking additional maps. As you play this mode you'll eventually have access to better weapons and equipment. It's a good thing that you do too; the co-op missions are no cakewalk and things get progressively harder as you get to the later maps. But just as with the campaign mode, the extra challenge keeps things more interesting.

The regular multiplayer modes support up to 60 players per game, which leads to some pretty frantic action in games at the player cap. The standard death match, team death match, and capture the flag games are supported, as is a unique mode called Skirmish. In this mode players are divided into squads and given objectives as in the co-op mode. With each squad trying to accomplish its objectives and new objectives being added during the course of the battle, Skirmish games feel more like an actual battle than a kill-them-all shooting spree like the death match game types."

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