IncGamers: A Vampyre Story Review

IncGamers have their review of A Vampyre Story.

Peter Parrish writes: "At a time when high school vampire romance films can take $7,000,000 USD from midnight showings alone, we are in dire need of champions to prick the pomposity of the vampire mystique. A recent episode of South Park has already savaged vampire fandom. Now, A Vampyre Story can tackle the tropes of the vampire myth itself; and maybe, just maybe, push adventure gaming back into the mainstream."

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martynmj3520d ago

this doens't look like a game i shall be playing any time soon

Leord3520d ago

Well, I love vampires, but hate high school films. Odd combination...

AndyA3520d ago

looks like a decent point and clicker

Maticus3520d ago

Yay, more Vampire games please!

Dorjan3520d ago

hmm, takes me back to buffy the movie!

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