GamersTemple: LittleBigPlanet review


"If level design is not for you, you can still benefit from the world of others. Levels are sharable online, and you can browse the extensive library of user created levels online for ones that look interesting to you. Gamers can provide ratings for the uploaded levels, so it's easy to find the most popular and highest rated levels. The game's online support extends beyond level downloads – you can also play through any level in the game in co-op mode with up to three other gamers. In fact, you'll find puzzles that have been designed so that they can only be solved by multiple players working cooperatively together.

LittleBigPlanet has a lot going for it, but its biggest feature is that it is boundless. The creative and interesting levels already available for the game are only an indication of what's possible once people become experienced with the game's level designer and the online community matures. This is a planet that you'll want to visit time and again, and one that will be different on each return."

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