Far Cry 2 Triple-Format Face-Off

One of the most eagerly awaited shooters of the year, Far Cry 2 boasts a cutting edge new game engine which, combined with its very strong 8/10 Eurogamer score, makes it a more than worthy candidate for Eurogamer triple-format bonus round comparison coverage.

For the sake of the one person out there who hasn't read one of these features yet, the aims and methods are fairly straightforward. Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the game are played simultaneously, hooked up via their digital outputs to a state-of-the-art capture system. Every single pixel rendered is stored in a completely lossless manner. From there, the games are compared and the differences judged - technical details are revealed and impact on the game experience is also judged.

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Violater3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

Let me save u guys some time.
360 Better texture resolution
Ps3 Better Lighting/Shadows, Anti Aliasing

Charmers3397d ago

and the PC version puts them both to shame. It's such a shame the game was complete rubbish really.

Fishy Fingers3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

I always find when I'm playing the game they always look far nicer than these comparisons anyway. I guess because your actually playing and trying to take everything in rather than staring at a reasonable quality video moving at half speed.

Anyone else get bored of FC2? I completed it and what not, but like most open world games the driving from mission to mission become tedious.

pansenbaer3397d ago

I couldn't finish more than 5 missions. Driving was WAY TOO MUCH of a chore. The thing I hated the most, is that you would save, drive for a good 6 minutes, then pass a 'checkpoint' and get shot to hell. You never saved in between, so you would have to drive those 6 minutes all over again! I really REALLY wanted to like this game and I was so excited for it, but it was really just TOO open.

3397d ago