IncGamers: Monthly Wrap Up

IncGamers' Andy Alderson looks at what's been making news this month.

Alderson writes: "November was a big month for MMOs but it wasn't all good news. Tabula Rasa creator Richard Garriott decided it was time to leave NCSoft behind to pursue new interests (more p**ing about in space?)and, later in the month, the development team called time on the game revealing its servers will close in February next year."

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Leord3374d ago

Lots of MMO news. I still can't wait for that star wars mmo..

Maticus3374d ago

Sad news about TR, a shame.

martynmj3374d ago

Sure did wrap up the month!

AndyA3374d ago

Sad to hear about studio closures

Dorjan3374d ago

I want to be back in school so I can find that one kid who didn't like oasis...