Game Focus: Valkyria Chronicles Review

Most of the RPG's that come out of Japan now days lack any sort of replay and long term gaming value but the sheer amount of detail and different strategies you can employ during the game, as well as the skirmishes offer a good forty hours of gameplay and you can replay the game several times in different ways.

Bottom Line:
Valkyria Chronicles is one of the best looking games because of its unique water color art design gives the game a great look and feel. One of the few Playstation 3 only Role Playing titles that is actually worth owning and replaying, so run out and pick up this game today.

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Gue13374d ago

I'm getting this game on December when I got some money to expend on it.

ravinash3374d ago

Me to, too much to buy this money and not enough time to play it all.

truehunter3374d ago

This game is great. My top 5 fav PS3 games so far.