Pocket Gamer: Angel Sword Review

According to Dante's Inferno, Hell is organised into seven circles of increasing pain and horror. Angel Sword justifies adding an eighth circle, one devoted entirely to over-priced, trashy iPhone apps that strike at the heart of pocket gamers everywhere. As the inscription to the gates of Hell reads, so is our warning for this lacking game: "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."

Your quest to revive the titular Angel Sword begins when the once-peaceful red wizard willingly succumbs to darkness. Summoned by his counterpart, the blue wizard, you flutter about as a heroic angel tasked with defeating the red wizard. This is only possible by reviving the Angel Sword, which requires finding 20 pieces of special ore. With every five pieces your sword strengthens, granting access to new powers and areas – not to mention putting you one step closer to sending the red wizard to the underworld.

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