Pocket Gamer: Dungeon Maker Review

Picture the PC classic Dungeon Keeper (but with cute animé graphics) crossed with the film Groundhog Day and you're halfway to understanding what Dungeon Maker is like to play.

Only halfway though, because Dungeon Maker is curiously difficult to describe. It's got both the critter-collecting of a Pokemon title (but none of the adventuring) and the sedate pace of Harvest Moon (but without the cabbages).

Unusually for a game in this genre, Dungeon Maker feels ageless. Not like Nicole Kidman, but more in the way that any age group could play it. It's got cute visuals, but it's got pin-sharp humour too. It's easy to play - those fans of a more hardcore dungeon trawler might say too easy - but despite the lightweight menus, it's still an epic slog to the end.

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