Pocket Gamer Hands on with Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes for iPhone

Gameloft is really pushing the boat out for iPhone this Christmas. We previewed the impressive-looking Hero of Sparta yesterday, and now Pocket Gamer can take the wrappers off Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes.

It's a full-on military action game, with 3D environments and movement, and a choice of three different control mechanisms to make best use of the iPhone's touchscreen.

"We wanted to make it like the movie Saving Private Ryan, in that you're a basic soldier among hundreds of others," says product manager Francois Vimond. "You're in the crowd, with soldiers shooting around you and planes flying overhead. It's not like you're the centre of the universe and everything is focused on you."

The game has 13 missions spread across three World War II campaigns in Normandy, Tunisia and the Ardennes.

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