Interview: Sony On PlayStation Home's 2008 Launch

Sony's PlayStation Home online world for the PlayStation 3 has had a somewhat tortured genesis, with a long period of beta testing and a release date originally pegged for late 2007, before being delayed to Spring 2008 and back to now.

However, PlayStation Home director Jack Buser tells Gamasutra that the release of the tardy but much-discussed PS3-defining virtual world "will launch this year".

In this interview, Buser discusses "community first" as the watchword for the PlayStation 3 application, despite third party influence, and the HDK (Home Development Kit).

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ape0073431d ago

release home and include a head set in each ps3 unit

that will be a big + for psn

please sony

that's the secret of xbox live,each 360 come with a headset
that's why you feel it LIVE

next BIG step sony:add game invites,join session in progress(both of them can do it from ANYWHERE),cross game chat,faster trophy card load

psn respected team,if you do that,mark my words,you will lead the online gaming world

this is the best that I can think of

psn ftw btw

TheHater3431d ago

actually not all xbox 360 comes with a headset

Lucreto3431d ago

If my PS3 did come with a head set I would not use it.

All the other things I can live without. YOu already have game invite. I invited friends to play some LBP the otherday while they were playing something else.

PoSTedUP3431d ago

hellz no! so i can have whiney little kids screaming in my ear? socom consists of mostly adults BECAUSE sony did not put a headset with the ps3, and thats the way it should be.

thor3431d ago

I have a headset.

I don't use it - why?

It doesn't work, well actually, the headset DOES work. I don't have ANY problems with the HEADSET. VOICE CHAT does NOT work, however. I've rarely been able to hear people online clearly. Most of the time I just hear garbled noise. DOES ANYONE ELSE GET THIS? I have asked countless times and nobody has ever responded with a solution. They just say "it must be your headset" when it doesn't work THROUGH MY TV SPEAKERS!!!

Now I'm quite a technical guy, I know how these things work, I can usually fix routers and stuff. But if _I_ can't make voice chat work, what kind of hope does 90% of the population have! THIS IS THE REASON that people don't speak to each other that much!! Even if everyone got given headsets, there would be a LOT of people for whom the voice chat WOULD NOT WORK.

I just gave up on voice chat eventually. After asking for help, getting none, not seeing anybody else mentioning these issues, I just gave up and don't talk online, and of course, I can't hear anybody else talking either.

kevnb3431d ago

That made no sense,Socom comes with a headset and I dont see how that has anything to do with kids/adults playing the game.

Anon19743431d ago

The fact that everyone and their dog has a headset on XBL is one of the issues that drove me away from the service. At least when you have to get your own headset it acts as a bit of a test. You have to have the wherewithal to know you need a headset, you have to have $20 and you have to have the intelligence to either order online or walk down to a store to get a blu-tooth headset, then set it up. Right there that would eliminate half of the problem racist, homophobic, 12 year olds that plague XBL. Since I switched from XBL I haven't looked back. Sure you get the odd douchebag now and then, but it's nowhere near the problems I witnessed first hand playing Halo 3 on XBL. The very last thing the PSN needs is every idiot out there to have a headset.

ThanatosDMC3431d ago

For a technical guy, you sure talk a lot of bull. It has to be bluetooth headset or a usb headset or the PS3 eye or anything that is PS3 compatible with a mic.

For a technical guy, you sure dont look at the settings much to sync your tech with your console. Let me guess, you talk and talk only to not realize your PS3 is turned off? Or wait! Maybe there's no PS3 after all. You fail at trolling. Please, be more creative so when we read your post, it's actually entertaining.

ThanatosDMC3431d ago

Every game now that allows you to play with people is built in with mics now. But games like Warhawk that are closely watched by those modder or gamers in general ban people who talk trash from the servers.

thor3431d ago

WOW thanks guys for your understanding! /sarcasm

I HATE the way people think that the reason people don't talk is because of the lack of headsets.


That might be a factor, but consider - an awful lot of the people who bought Warhawk _have_ a headset (it was bundled at retail). Do they use it? NO! Voice chat obviously doesn't work for a LOT of people. I don't know how you can blindly ignore this. It doesn't work for me, and despite all my efforts, I can't get it to work. So it MUST be happening to others as well.

kewlkat0073431d ago

On fanboys tells the other...

"Did you know Xbox 360 comes with headsets"

"Yeah headsets "What is that?

"It's one of them devices you put on your ears when you wanna listen to immature gamers all day whine about stupid sh!t other then, the game itself"

"Oh yeah never used one before."

"Did you know Sony and the PS3 are for mature people that never whine and b#$%h about anything" Though not included, I would never get one like them Xbox kids"

"Yeah I guess you are right", headsets like Trix are for kids"

ThanatosDMC3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

If you're using the Jabra headset that came with Warhawk bundle... for a technical guy, you must have read the instruction saying that to sync your Jabra with the PS3 you need to hold down the ON button for 10 or so seconds to put it into discovery mode.

Then have your PS3 "discover" it by going to the accessory setting then to manage bluetooth devices and connect to Jabra. The password according to the manual and most default bluetooth devices is 0000. <-- four zeroes.

Set the mic to lv5 if you're still having problems. If nothing, then you have a fective mic and you deserve the freedom to throw it at someone's face. I hate returning defective products personally.

Edit: If all else fails, and you try some other headsets... it could be your PS3. Just call up Sony, tell them nothing works and they'll help you out. If you're under their 1 year warranty, then they'll fix or replace your console. If you're lucky and you try to ask for the 160gb one, they might be nice enough. Tell them it's the holiday.

LuvBurger3431d ago

Do you have they eyetoy??

If you do, then forget what you know about headsets. That is what I use when I am online gaming or in Home. The Mic on that is terrific, and its crystal clear. I don't even waste my time on a headset anymore.

thor3431d ago

Sorry for sounding like a troll.

I just have great difficulty explaining the problem to people.

I suspect that a lot of people have the same problem as me - and this is why the headset useage on PS3 is not as high as it could be.

I don't have a problem with the headset. I can sync it fine. I talk into it, and in the accessory settings or whatever I can see the volume meter go up and down. It works.

I also have the PSEye. That works as well. The sound it records is great. I know it works because I've recorded stuff using eyecreate.

This is not the problem.

Forget about the headset. Let's say I smash it up into a thousand little pieces.

Forget about the PSEye. Let's say I smash that up as well.

Surely, if someone is talking through a mic in a game, everybody else should be able to hear them, right? Otherwise it would make no sense; you would talk, and only the people on your team with headsets would be able to hear. So with my headset smashed into a thousand pieces, I should still be able to hear other people talking over the mic, through my TV's speakers.

I can't.

I hear noises like "WRARWARLLWAWRARALLWRWARA WRAWRALWRAWRAWRAWRAWRL". Like they're talking, but underwater so it doesn't make any sense.

Often I see their name up as talking but I hear nothing at all.

Sometimes I hear static.

Sometimes I see two people on the mic, hear their "WRALWARWLRALR" and presume they are having a conversation.

Occasionally I can hear what they are saying clearly - but it's not like this most of the time.

This all happens when I'm playing a game of (e.g. Warhawk) with very little lag and a ping of around 50. My download speed facilitates me to stream video and very high quality audio.

ape0073431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

I respect all your opinions

some say,I hate kids yapping,I respect that but you got to know that I know lot of people(adults,gamers,hardcore gamer,love working as team)getting little pissed of that

if you can imagine how many gamers want to talk in warhawk or in sr2 or in any team based game,sure they can buy one but including one should ease the pain a bit,isn't it,don't think about,kids,stupid gamers,etc...

peace :)

iHEARTboobs3431d ago

@ ape007 - always so PC and not fangirl-ish. Keep it up, man. Bubbles

@ kewlkat007 - yeah people b!tch on the PSN also but it doesn't happen often so i can see how some might not think or deny that it happens. And Trix aren't only for kids. :)

@ thor - I haven't personally experienced your problem with the mic so maybe your problem is secluded to yours? Have you tried different mics?

@ everyone else - I just bought myself a 52inch 1080p LCD HDTV from Samsung...........needless to say i'm a happy camper! :)

Bubble Buddy3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

thor - Maybe something is defective? Also have you ever thought that just because people have a headset doesn't mean they use it 24/7. Take me for example. I only use it for strategic games such as search and destroy for COD4, capture the flag, Resistance 2's online Co-op, or when there are a lot of people talking, or if I'm playing with buddies.

uie4rhig3431d ago

i used home for the first time 2day :) i loves it!!

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Spike473431d ago

I have to redeem it before Dec.1, it's going to be awesome, all these features and awesome new software for free. And haters, remember HOME is not a "game", and it is free.

INehalemEXI3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

Home is impressive got in a couple days ago and its very limited right now but omg its going to be sick once all the area's and stores open.

What I really like is you go in the bowling alley and play the arcade games there and you get character customization items for doing well @ the games.

Theres Clubs, and Club houses too, Its all going to be alot sicker once they fully release and give updates over time. All those social people eat this home 5hit up.

Just imagine how sick it will be playing some of capcoms games and recieving in home items , 3d trophies etc. Its just not quite off the chain yet though.

heyheyhey3431d ago

it better... and with all the features prior to v.1

dronde3431d ago

yeah right. LBP doesn't have game invite. U can only invite a person if they are playing it. If u mean, send a message then ask the person to join. That'll be something else.

Figboy3431d ago

WHAT is so special about cross game invites, and how is it any different from just sending a message to your friend playing GTAIV saying "hey, join me in a game of LBP."

no matter WHAT, you're friend is going to have change the disc in the slot.

it's not like the GTAIV in his disc slot is going to magically change into LBP, so what does it matter if you send him a cross game invite?

i mean, if i'm playing Little Big Planet, or Uncharted, and i get an invite from a friend saying "Resistance 2?" i still have to turn off LBP or Uncharted, get up, change discs, load the game, and THEN join his game.

i guess i just don't see the difference between sending an invite telling a friend to play what you're playing, and a cross game invite. and if all it is is simply doing all the work for you (ie, the invite simply says "XXX has invited you to play YYY"), then i REALLY don't understand why it's always touted as such a big thing by the 360 fans.

it literally takes me a few seconds to bring up the XMB, find my buddy playing a different game, and say, "join me."

heroicjanitor3431d ago

There really is f*** all difference between the two

Panipal20053431d ago

JB: It's imminent

Dude you work for Sony, do you really want to go on the record with such bold claims?

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