Pocket Gamer: Rollercoaster Rush: 99 Tracks Review

No matter how nervous you might get in the queue, you're probably safer riding a rollercoaster than you are making yourself a cup of tea in your own kitchen. Pocket Gamer doesn't actually have any statistics to back that up, but it makes a good soundbyte, doesn't it? Nevertheless, the modern coaster is designed with such precision that accidents, even the world over, are incredibly rare.

There's no such certainly of safety when it comes to Digital Chocolate's Rollercoaster Rush: 99 Tracks – the latest addition to the Rollercoaster Rush mobile franchise – where cars leaving the rails and flying through the air is actively encouraged. The kind of rides you would never dare to line up for in reality, moderating between insane speeds and the prudence that minds against crashes is your job here, and literally the only action you take across Rollercoaster Rush's 99 tracks is that of determining just how fast you dare push the cars along the way.

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