You've seen the best, now here are the rest, Pt. V

The Globe and Mail's weeklong holiday gaming marathon concludes with seven more titles, including Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise, You're in the Movies, Personal Trainer: Cooking, MySims Kingdom, Ultimate Band, Six Flags Fun Park, and Shaun the Sheep. From the story:

"I doubt I'll be so foolish as to conduct an experiment like this again. Forty-six games in five days is simply too many, especially if you really want to enjoy any of them. I felt like I was in a hotdog eating contest. But I won't complain too much. After all, I just spent the week playing video games.

Anyway, if you want to skip straight to the highlight of this final roster, scroll down to Personal Trainer: Cooking, for the Nintendo DS. It's an extremely clever and intuitive bit of teaching software that leads amateur chefs through every step of meal preparation, from how to select ingredients to instructional videos on chopping techniques. Beats the heck out of any cookbook I've ever had."

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