SCEE launch PSN web integration

Seems SCEE finally caught up with SCEA and launched their own web PSN portal.

Heres the best part, they have customisable Portable PSN ID's!


Alize, a moderator on the EU PlayStation forums has now made an official announcement about it.

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PotNoodle3431d ago

They get trophies on these portable ID's soon.

chasuk083431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

Yeh for once SCEE has trumped SCEA with the ability to choose a theme, mood, fav game for your portable ID and it does say on the page that they including Trophies on portable ids "soon".

Deviant3431d ago

"In Kürze wird die übertragbare ID auch Trophäen und Errungenschaften aufführen"

translated: "portable Trophy cards on their way"

:D nice

BrunoM3431d ago

nice like the sound of that ...

o well like all done by sony it will take its time but in the end its good in my view so its ok .. and its not something im dieng for so its ok ..

they will alsow be puting out a facebook like website for all memebers of HOME ..

gollumlotrs3431d ago

set mine, but for some reason the psn store tab window wont open on either IE or firefox for me, just says psns is not a registered protocol so cant see whats in the psn store on the laptop but managed to do all the rest of the profile stuff

Bren863431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

Why does it force us to select mood, faverite game and faverite format? My faverite game is not even on the list and it should be changed to "currently playing". wtf does it matter what my mood is? emo cards pfft

Plus the "whos online section" on the playstation site, needs to show whos online from top and not mix them all up with whos offline.

Why can't they do something usefull and add trophies to this card.

Also when will the add a damn demo tab on the playstation store?

Vip3r3431d ago

Some people are never pleased.

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The story is too old to be commented.