Street Fighter Sackboys are coming to LittleBigPlanet

The Sackboy costumes keep coming every week with LocoRoco, MotorStorm, Resistance or Ape Escape already available on the PlayStation Store. But not only first-party titles are getting their chance to appear in LittleBigPlanet, since Sony has now shown new Street Fighter costumes for our Sackboy.

They will be available individually and also in a promotional pack. Not word on when exactly, but we reckon it will be pretty soon.


The images have been taken down due to a request from SCEE.

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Fishy Fingers3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Wonder if that's the only four available. If so I imagine it's to tie in with Street Fighter Turbo HD as they're all classic characters. I want a SackBoy Akuma!!

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LokMessier3401d ago

LittleBigPlanet is going to make killings in DLC or already are with these costumes. Street Fighter, Final Fantasy 7, Heavenly Sword..Wonder what else they will throw in the mix.

Nathaniel_Drake3401d ago

LBP, the gift that keeps on giving =)

ultimolu3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

* __________ *

I'll take the Chunli and Ryu costumes.

Fishy Fingers3401d ago

Might want to check the pricing, if they're like the Animal selection a few weeks ago buying the bundle works out just a little more than buying two individually.

Plus, ain't you ever wanted to know what Chun-Li looks like with Zangief's beard? I know I have ;)

thor3401d ago

I think they are ripping us off with these. I mean, it's great to have new costumes and all, but they do charge too much for too few costumes IMO. The content packs should have more costumes in them, and maybe an exclusive level to go with that.

TheColbertinator3401d ago


You don't have to buy them if you don't want to.Just buy ones you want and ignore the ones you don't need.If they charge too much,that is because Sony has to pay Capcom for the promo items and has to pay off the LBP servers which provide the free online in LBP

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