Lara Croft takes over T3

Tomb Raider honey Lara Croft takes over T3 Towers for one kick-ass Friday.

It's every red-blooded male's (and no doubt some female's) dream. You turn up to work on the last Friday of the month to find your grumpy boss has been sacked and replaced by the ultimate fantasy babe of the last 20 years.

So imagine our feverish delight when we arrived to T3 Towers this morning to see that dream turn into reality and find Tomb Raider hottie Lara Croft (aka megababe model Alison Carroll) sitting in the gaffer's seat.

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ChrissyJ823521d ago

Why does that never happen in my office?

mchax3521d ago

i remember when Mario came to our office. Those were the days. He brought mushrooms and everything. Actually, I believe it was the shrooms that made him appear

zoydwheeler3521d ago

If they are interested in sending any of their promotional 'models' to our office, to drum up some interest in their new 'game'

mchax3521d ago

Wonder if Niko will come round to ours to promote the GTA IV expansion pack and pop a cap in our asses

zoydwheeler3521d ago

No he won't. Because he is not real. He is a pretend baddy. There is no real man called Niko that is a mildly racist caricature of an eastern European New York-based gangster.

mchax3521d ago

And Lara Croft is real? Considering most British archaeologists look like Baldrick off of Time Team, I don't think that good ol Crofty is anything but the figment of an under-sexed computer programmer's imagination.

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