Broken Sword DS announcement 'imminent'

An announcement on a new DS Broken Sword game is "imminent", has learned.

In July, point and click adventure game legend Charles Cecil, managing director of Revolution Games, the York-based developer behind classics Beneath a Steel Sky and Broken Sword, told that an official announcement was due "in a month", and described the online petition that calls for a Nintendo DS remake as "really inspirational".

That announcement failed to transpire, however. Today, Cecil told that while he was expecting an announcement from publisher Ubisoft in the summer, it was now "imminent", words that are sure to please the series' many fans.

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callahan093338d ago

PC version is the best graphic adventure of all time, and the best storytelling in videogame history, and gives a serious run for the money to any movie or book ever written too. ****ing love Broken Sword / Circle of Blood.

callahan093338d ago

No matter what you do on this site, you cannot escape the disagree.

mariusmal3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

finally i find an hardcore fan of broken sword like myself. best adventure game ever. in europe it was called shadow of the templars. btw... u can run this on your DS using scummvm

i played hundreds of point n clicks and still do because the genre isnt dead. but broken sword is the most amazing point n click ever