GTA 4 PC DRM: Copy protection and activation in detail

According to PCGH the normal retail version of the GTA 4 PC version can be installed an unlimited number of times. Online connection is required for activation. Disc is required for playing.

For multiplayer a Games for Windows Live account is required.

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thor3433d ago

And they wonder why PC gaming is dying...

With copy protection like this I'd rather have a hacked copy.

And I'd much rather have it on PS3 than be lumped with this "Games for windows live" lameness.

TheIneffableBob3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

This isn't that bad, really. It's just a simple online activation. The main flaws of the Spore, Far Cry 2, etc. SecuROM DRM schemes were the limited amount of activations. Once you reached those limits, you had to call the publisher. With GTA IV, however, you have an unlimited number of installs and activations. Everybody has an Internet connection, so online activation shouldn't be much of a problem. I'd rather not have a disc-check, but it's not anything major.

Vip3r3433d ago

DRM really is putting people off games.

Filet of Children3433d ago

I dunno, I think that the DRM is just putting people off of PAYING for games.

I Call 9MM3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

It's not as bad as it could have been. They let you install it on as many systems as you want, which is good. That was the big issue with Securom. It's still absolutely useless and this game will be cracked before it's even released, as usual, but what can you do. Gamers voiced their opinions and these install limits seem to be going away. As long as Securom isn't doing anything else in the background (like keylogging, tracking webpages etc...) then I can live with it.

Now, if it is like Fallout 3 and Securom barfs up when it is in Vista 64, then I will be pissed. Games for Windows easy to use with Vista 64 my ass.

TheColbertinator3433d ago

DRM is the biggest contributor for PC piracy.

I Call 9MM3433d ago

The whole issue really is, why would you put with having to have the disc in your drive and more security measures with the retail version or just download the pirated version sans any such issues. The nice thing about PC games used to be no discs needed, not anymore it seems. Step back there in progress.

Charmers3433d ago

If you have a problem with having the disc in the drive whilst playing the game then there is a legal alternative and that is of course Steam.

I Call 9MM3428d ago

Oh I buy all my games it's just such a pain in the ass I understand why some people pirate games for those reasons. I also understand a lot of people are cheap and will do it anyway, like with World of Goo. I bet Good Old Games is going to suffer much of the same problem, but I'm sure all of those games being offered there have been pirated for ages long before bit torrent and Peer to Peer download services.

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