Midway: Secret game looks 'better' than Gears 2

Speaking to at a Wheelman press event which took place in London yesterday, creative director Simon Woodroffe has revealed that the future for Midway Games' titles is looking very good indeed and it's all because of the publisher's shared technology.

"I just saw a demo of a new Midway game that's in development. I can't tell you too much about it, but they've been on it for three months and it looks as good if not better than Gears 2," said Woodroffe. "This is only possible because of the sharing of technology."

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Deviant3013d ago

"but they've been on it for three months and it looks as good if not better than Gears 2"

thor3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

... says a guy from Midway. How can he possibly be credible?

Furthermore, they're still using UE3 as far as I'm aware. That engine is getting old. Sure it can look better than Gears 2 which also uses UE3, but if they want to go much further, they've got to get a new engine.

vitz33013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Nu-uh. My "secret" game looks better than Gears 3!

You guys do know that Midway published UT3 right? Somehow I believe them when they say that their version of the UT3 engine is more up to date.

Rob0g0rilla3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

and in 3 months they got it looking better then gears 2. Pssshtt

I kinda feel sorry for these guys. Grasping for straws, hoping to catch a break. There best just isn't enough.

InMyOpinion3013d ago

Gears 2 uses a greatly updated version of the UE3 engine used in Gears 1.

Rock Bottom3013d ago

I don't think Midway have what it takes to make a good game, not to mention making something better than gears.

blacsheep3013d ago

the recent comparison video shows miniscule difference between gears and gears 2.

The Killer3013d ago

certainly there is many games achieve greater heights in the graphics department, and if anyone doesnt agree is me is a pure fanboy, metal gears solid 4 and uncharted easily beat gears of war 2!

thor3013d ago

I know - I suppose you're right, the UE3 _now_ isn't the same UE3 as _before_. It's going to hit its limitations at some stage, though. It's always best (for the graphics at least) to have a custom-built engine for the game you're trying to produce.

I lol at fanboys who don't think Gears 2 is a tremendous graphical achievement though. And I lol at Midway for claiming to have built a game with better graphics than Gears 2 in 3 months. It probably looks good, but no doubt he's exaggerating.

jackhammer063013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

I felt was Gears 2 was better in some ways than Gears 1....

Doppy3013d ago

That's nice if it's true, but I doubt, they have much of a game then. If they've only been working on it for 3 months I'm pretty sure they only have about 1 stage done.

And even though it looks as good as Gears 2 now, they are going to have to step it up because as I have been saying 2009 is the year of Graphics. Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, GT5, Forza 3, GOW, Crysis (possible PS3), so Midway is going to have to step it up because Gears 2 graphics will probably become the standard for multiplatform games, rather than being what Gears of War 1 was back in 2006.

I'm guessing it's a 3rd person shooter with a cover system since they said it's similar to Gears, but I'm interested in the different concept they were talking about.

solidsnakus3013d ago

midway LOL! the last good game they put out was NFL blitz for ps1

shovelbum3013d ago

Yeah right and it plays worse than Blacksite: Area 51. I am not much of a fan of Midway but I did enjoy The Suffering.

ShinMaster3012d ago

There ARE more games out there that look better than Gears 2.
That is nothing new.

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Fishy Fingers3013d ago

I'll hold off on the excitment until I see it with my own eyes. To many games are given unrealistic labels prior to public showing.

CloudsEnd3013d ago

Better than Gears 2 but not even as good as Killzone 2.

The Matrix3013d ago

This story might be believable except for the "midway" part.

Rob0g0rilla3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Oh wow....

Current 2010 lineup

- Secret Midway game
- Cool Midway game?
- Final Fantasy XIII
- Final Fantasy XIII Versus

Keeps getting bigger. Can't forget another Madden game that swears it's so much better then the last one.

Rock Bottom3013d ago

Final Fantasy XIII Versus for 2010?

Make that 2011.

Mr PS33013d ago

Well thats not Hard to Achieve

Come Back Gears when you got a game that looks half as good as Drakes Fortune never mind Metal Gear
Never mind BoTs

HateBoy3013d ago

Lol @ blind person above me.

Gue13013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

I agree with Mr PS3.

quote from IGN of MGS4 for my friend @HateBoy:

"Is it possible to give a game an 11? If so, this would be the game that would merit that score. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a title that exceeds all of the hype that was attached to the title.

10 Graphics
Incredibly detailed and visually breathtaking, with amazing camera angles, MGS4 is one of the most beautiful titles ever made."

You seriously need to play uncharted on an HDtv @HateBoy because that game looks too good too...

Find me a quote like that for GeoW2 from a respectable website as IGN. 1up, gamepro, gamespot, gameinformer,

Kill Crow3013d ago

the game everyone wants to beat graphics wize is gears ...

I'm sure when someone beats the longest cut scene MGS4 will get a mention ....

morganfell3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

He isn't going to play any of those games because the truth would be too much to handle for him.

Before I even read Mr PS3's comments and I was looking at the headline and I was already thinking, "When it looks better than MGS4 give me a call."

It's like the moron above me that doesn't know that the cutscenes for MGS4 are in engine and move directly into game play. He also is unaware that the gameplay minus the cutscenes in MGS4 (interactive cutscenes for the most part) but the game play alone is around 20 hours. Twice as long as Gears 2.

Bangladesh3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

I can't wait to see the spin you little Sony twerps put on your comments when Gears of War 2 takes Best Graphics at the VGA's.

On topic: First rule of marketing a game is don't openly compare your game to another from a different dev, let your game stand on it's own merits.

Here is what IGN,Gamespy, and ZTGD had to say about Gears 2 graphics.

"Fantastic looking characters inhabit splendid worlds that feel truly alive. You?d be hard pressed to find a better looking game anywhere"

"While it's certainly open to debate, we're going to go out on a limb and call Gears of War 2 the most visually impressive game yet made"

"One of the best looking games ever "

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BIoodmask3013d ago

I have no faith in Midway after the travesty that is MK vs DC Universe. They have been on the verge of bankruptcy for years. The last game I remember enjoying from them is Hydro Thunder. That was probably about 10 years ago.

MK_Red3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Come on, Psi-ops was awesome. Original Suffering was also not that bad. I'm with you on having no faith in Midway though.

TheColbertinator3013d ago

I agree with MK on that one.Psi-Ops was awesome.