Logic3 ChatPad for Sixaxis (or Dualshock 3) review from PS3Hype

PS3Hype: "Logic3 is a company that makes a lot of hardware for gamers. So we decided to get more hardware Third Party devs to view, and we see whether it really necessary to the official Sony hardware to buy (which in most cases much more expensive). The first review we start with the Chat Pad from Logic3."

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Mr_Showtime13374d ago

I would give it 0/10 on looks alone, its hideous!

Karum3374d ago

I had the madcatz one which looked very similar to this one.

Today my official Sony bluetooth chatpad was delivered and I've been using it extensively today in Home and in regular messaging and it owns face.

Doesn't take up a USB slot either like these 3rd party version.

jack who3374d ago

looks bettter than the other fugly one

grkblood133374d ago

that I have 4 usb ports for a keyboard and a mouse.

Eiffel3374d ago

Just use a normal wireless keyboard beats those small ass ones.

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