Ninja Blade - Demo Gameplay video

From Software published a new demo gameplay video from Ninja Blade. Enjoy!

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yoghurt3496d ago

WOW, that looks very MEH.

Graphics look below what they should be these days, and did you see the AI of the 'goons' when he first landed, they wernt even facing the right way! looks poor IMO.

Is this a BIG title? I honestly havnt heard of it before

thor3496d ago

Do you mean graphics or gameplay? The graphics look good, but the video quality is so poor that I can't tell whether they'd actually look good in HD. Gameplay looks reasonably fun, looks like most of it is just QTEs though, followed by a stupid zoom into the guy's eye (WTF it that lol) - if the combat can be deep, challenging and rewarding it will be a good game.

I'm impressed by the cinematics, but the eye-zoom thing was cool the first time. Not the 10th time.

thewhoopimen3495d ago

Looks to me like the graphics are between NG2 and Geow2 level. Same poly level but the lighting seems to be better than the former. Good rail sequences but the spider pushing the ninja all the way back with his "shockwave" attack to re-run the gauntlet seems like a repetitive gameplay element to me. I don't like seeing all the Excellents! and fantastics! in the middle of the screen. It's distracting.

SuperM3495d ago

If that terrible AI is going to be in the final game then its going to get crappy reviews nomather what. also looked like it had some framerate issues here and there, but it could just be the video from what i know. but gameplay looks kinda boring, way to much just pushing a single button and then watching a movie.

The part where he ran towards the spider looked kinda cool, but a cool moment here and there isnt going to save it from being mediocre. Maybe it will save it from disaster :P

I can totally see edge giving this better then resistance 2 though with the following explenation: The game sucks, but its innovative with its use of timed button pressing events, never has it been done quite like this 7/10

TruthBTold3495d ago

It actually seems like it might be a good game, the only thing that I didnt like was the name "Ninja Blade" get a better one and the second thing is the eye close up, really, how many times did they have an eye close up in the video, a little too dramatic but after that it looks like it might turn out good.

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gamfreak3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

and the goons looks really stupid. Lol at the huge @ss fire spiting spider....

Rick Astley3496d ago

As you can see, piss poor graphics and nonexistent AI. Ninja Blade is the average 360 game.

kodiak3496d ago

Yeah.. but we still have NG2
Ah! and take out PS3 guys of this "WE" xD

Rick Astley3495d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 failed to live up to the hype. PS3 owners have God of War 3, a.k.a the best looking game ever made, according to GameSpot, David Jaffe, and other sources. God of War is in a league of it's own though so I guess it's not worth mentioning it alongside the flops 360 owners are constantly dealing with. The only AAA exclusive on 360 this year was Queers of Bore 1.5. Fable 2 dropped below 90 on Meta and Left 4 Dead is just Counter-Strike with slightly better graphics and dumb AI.

HateBoy3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Oh Chris, you and your time machine... How is it to ALWAYS be waiting for something and never actually have something? Tell me.

Oh and I can do the same thing you did: MGS4 is the most overrated b-movie ever, absolute crap movie mixed with some decent gameplay that lasts for about two seconds before you're forced to watch another suckscene. LBP is another overrated piece of crap, an advanced level creator for kids which fanboys desperately try to make out as HARDCORE, loooool, don't you realize how sad it is to see anything but kids play that crap? Res2, Edge gave it what it deserves, everyone else felt sorry for insomniac because no matter how hard they try they never manage to create something truly interesting.

Ninja Gaiden 2 sliced the balls of every PS3 game this year, if you don't realize that I suggest you actually play it, no, nevermind, you probably won't be able to beat the first boss on acolyte. Then Gears 2 came and took a sh!t on them, just for good measure.


kodiak3495d ago

haha poor sonyfanboy
NG2 is the best hacknslash and i dont care for games that isnt releasexfd like GoW3 (only 2010)
And 360 has Halo3, Gears1 and 2, Braid, Mass Effect, L4D and Forza AAA Exclusive
PS3 has only MGS4 and LBP (SALES MEGA FLOP)
Dont worry WKC will be the next flop for flopstation3

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Spike473496d ago

It looks very familiar in that sense to Ninja Gaiden. Notice how the graphics are good for the city but not for the character models themselves. It's cool when he jumps out of the heli and you have to tap certain buttons to make it inside the building rather than just a plain old cutscene.

N4PS3G3496d ago

God..the video quaity sucks!

game looks great anyways!

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