Fable II confirmed on PC adventure? Lionhead says that's "balony"

According to German gaming site Gamona an "internal source" has revealed the 360 RPG is on its way to desktop, reports IGN. February 15th to be exact.

Lionhead's Sam, aside from not knowing how to spell 'baloney', has revealed this platform 'snitching' going on is a load of old tosh and codswallop. Oh fiddlesticks.

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jaffa_cake3644d ago

wow Microsoft own in house studio going to pc no surprise really i guess. But makes me wonder when GEOW 2 will be out on pc.
for real Exclusive stick to Zeebo haha.

sirbigam3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Sam from Lionhead shot the news down hard, might take a year but I just bought me a new graphics card this black friday so I'm ready.

I prophasies a redon Fable 2 expansion version coming to pc, as well as 360 in near future.

TheColbertinator3644d ago

If it comes to PC its a first day buy.The mods in Fable 1 were sweet and I want to see more on Fable 2