Yakuza 3 - Story trailer

SEGA published an amazing new Yakuza 3 trailer. Enjoy.

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Gerard Way3343d ago

I didn't finish it. someone let me know where i need to start it, to see any action.

Cwalat3343d ago

i can't believe they aren't releasing this in EU and US...

kazuma3343d ago

who said they're not releasing it? they released yakuza 1 dubbed, yakuza 2 subbed, they've hinted at a western kenzan release (probably subbed too, i hope) and i'm pretty sure they're releasing 3 also

Skyreno3343d ago

i hope this game would come already maybe 2009 summer ^^

Mandaspt3343d ago

Yup, they will release this game in US and EU.

sirbigam3343d ago

Ahh man I'm gonna start getting into this game series, watching anime im use to subs and usually prefer them.

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