12 reasons console gaming beats PCs

Yes, the PC is hugely upgradeable - and a bloody good job, too, otherwise you'd never get to play all those games built with cutting edge technology by crazy Scandinavian ex-demo hackers. And anyway, a console is upgradeable: when the next Xbox or PlayStation comes out, we sell the old one and buy a new one. Easy.

And 11 more reasons the PC is an inferior choice for games...

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Fishy Fingers3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Agree with some. Obviously consoles are easier for the family, easier on the wallet, etc. But some people dont want to play with families, some people dont mind the expense of a PC to have the best visuals.

Others like, playing on a TV, it's just as easy to run a VGA/DVI/HDMI from your PC to TV as it is your console to TV. PC also allows use of all the pads. I play PES (PC) on my TV at 1080p with a pad. There was no hardship in setting it up.

I guess it all boils down to what you prefer, and at the end of the day, what ever your platform, be that DS, PC or anywhere in between, we're all still just doing the same thing, playing games at are fun to you.

gusto3429d ago

And you can't get World of Warcraft on a console.

Wait... maybe that is a good thing :)

Super-Brad3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I thought the Xbox was able to play WoW?

Swarm3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

@1.0 One of the most sensible comments I've seen on this site, bubbles for you!

El Padre3428d ago

You can play PC games on a TV, yes. But I don't want to carry my rig from the other room, connect it, then disconnect and carry it back to do some work.
You can use a gamepad on PC, but can you run the game using only a pad? Nope, you still need a mouse and a keyboard.
There's no split-screen (usually).
There are driver issues.
There's constant tinkering with the game settings to make it run smooth.
Basically, the PC's performance is better, but it comes at a cost of extra work.

Jinxstar3428d ago

I agree fishy... Diablo 3 wont be available on consoles and that would be a huge miss for me...

SaiyanFury3427d ago

I built myself a gaming PC and it can play games like Fallout 3 in higher resolution than the consoles. Mouse and keyboard controls are kind of wonky, but it works. I still like my PC for gaming reasons. I just got A Vampyre Story and it plays well. A simple point and click adventure, it reminds me of the Scumm games from LucasArts back in the 90s.

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Speed-Racer3429d ago

In my opinion, I do not like console gaming since I am heavily into modding. After a while you get bored of the environments, characters, vehicles, machines, etc... and you want to mod them.. PC games allow for that.

The Matrix3428d ago

Spend hundreds to thousands of dollars upgrading software and hardware including graphics cards, sound cards etc. I like PC games but they just demand too much from you. I'll stick with the consoles.

Speed-Racer3428d ago

Small price to pay for enjoyment...Imagine sticking with the default cars in rFactor....

or as a matter...Race Pro (Xbox 360)....Im sure you would get bored of the selection soon enough and want to add in your own custom cars from new seasons etc.

Proxy3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

If all you want is a PC that will rival a 360 or PS3, then 500 bucks should be all you need.

Lich1203427d ago

Its true, making a gaming machine that contends with PS3s and Xbox360s is about a 400-500 dollar en devour. Making one that is much nicer is roughly 1000 dollars. Making one that is pointlessly expensive, well, that can be any ridiculously high amount.

That being said, I too am a modder and it's nice to have access to the SDK. I buy some games on Console, some on PC. Its really a matter of what experience your looking for.

Also, making overgeneralized cracks about all WoW players is just rather ignorant. The difference between what he said and what South park did is south park was funny.

Bolts3427d ago

PC gamers are generally more educated and tech savvy, make sense really, since most them build their own PCs. Its the embodiment of hobby gaming. They're very performance driven and unlike console gamers they truly own the games they play. PC gaming community own their own dedicated servers, they own their file distribution networks, they even own the game's content via mods, maps etc. This usually lead to extreme sense of elitism because they are the only group of gamers who can actually make better games than the devs, and they often do. Just look Counterstrike and Team Fortress or even the countless mods for Oblivion for that matter.

With the console on the other hand is based on consumerism. You buy what's inside the box and by doing so you're identifying yourself with a brand and you committed yourself to buying and consuming products under the said brand. Which explain why there is so much fanboyism on the console, it also explain the nickel and dime and DLC policies to go with that.

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ChickeyCantor3428d ago

I already have a HD tv but not in my own room, once i do ill be hooking my PC up and play games with a game pad and it will be like a console =D

MUGEN3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

All Consoles are just cheap alternatives for the mainstream market. Any of the high end gaming PCs are much more powerful than any of the current consoles because all the current consoles are on a budget.

Sprud3428d ago

That's great I guess, but I care more about the games than the hardware.

Bolts3427d ago

Then I guess thats why you prefer the PS2.

Bangladesh3428d ago

PC gaming is just an all around pain in the ass and wallet.