PS3 Attitude Awards; Best Graphics nominees

"We're close to wrapping up the votes for all categories in our PS3 Attitude Awards this year, but it is not quite over yet.

Today we are asking you to choose the game that had the best graphics. Will you go for ultra real, or for cartoon-like elegance? The choice is yours…" - excerpt from PS3 Attitude

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Keele3518d ago

2 minutes published and already Approved at 5.

heyheyhey3518d ago

lol ok... now try and explain just what the hell is wrong with this article?

it's for PS3 owners to vote on the game they think had best graphics this year... i have a PS3 and i voted for MGS4.... i suggest you get the fvck out

richie007bond3518d ago

Not surprised,this site is over run with Sony fanboys....

Shane Kim3518d ago

If it doesn't fit you, get the fúck out.

thereapersson3518d ago

What the f*ck are you talking about? This is a PS3 article, POSTED IN THE PS3 SECTION.

What the f*ck are you doing here, complaining about pro-PS3 articles? If you don't like this stuff, stay in the 360 section.

morganfell3518d ago

It's called jealousy. Jealous of a graphics powerhouse. Jealous of MGS4. Ha ha ha suck it pigs.

Fishy Fingers3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Well, for me, nothing else on the PS3 came close to MGS4 visually, or arguably on the 360 also. Stunning game with a lot of good environmental variety.

Austin_SJ3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

I agree MGS4 is the best, but LBP does look very good for what it is, and lets not forget how good uncharted still looks.

kevnb3518d ago

Uncharted has some flaws, such as screen tearing and some weak textures. It also has some pop-in and not the greatest of character models.

Rock Bottom3518d ago

Wasn't Uncharted released in 2007.

ThanatosDMC3518d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot

Nothing comes close to even touching where this game went. Wish the two Beauties/Beast were harder though (Crying Wolf and Praying Mantis).

Fight with Something Octopus was quite different and Raging Raven chase scene and exploding building fight was just awesome.

Liquid vs Solid fights were the bests that's including Rex vs Ray.

I swear, i thought that was the end of Raiden when he got crushed by the mammoth size of a Arsenal Gear class battleship/submarine.

Brodiesan3518d ago

Yes, it was.

It states in the article that PS3Attitude are taking games from Dec 1 2007 to November 30th 2008 (which is what a lot of "Annual" awards do).

You'll note that Prince of Persia wasn't in this Best Graphics list as it is released outside this window (though expect it next year!)

Hope this helps.

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killer_trap3518d ago

opps i forgot GT, props for you. i'm wiz ze guy above me.

The Killer3518d ago

is the winner this year without doubt and LBP will be the winner of innovation!

guys dont forget what much of high quality things in MGS4, just because it we released on june doesnt mean a game from this winter will take its place!!

MGS4 is what is called the perfect game!!!

killer_trap3518d ago

i vote little big planet for the following:

1- best graphics
2- best soundtrack
3- best original IP
4- best physics engine
5- best gameplay
6- best create mode in history of video games
7- worst online mode in history of video games

gears2 and mgs4 are a distant second and third

Arsenal4Ever3518d ago

worse online modes than haze?? o_0

killer_trap3518d ago

i don't know about haze. i was wise enough not to buy it.

yanikins1113518d ago

haze online was sick

in a good way

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