PLAYSTATION3 Call Of Duty: World at War Bundle Ships to Stores

Following the information Electronic Theatre received a few weeks ago concerning the availability of PLAYSTATION3 Blu-ray Bundles, we today received confirmation of yet another addition to the PLAYSTATION3 hardware line-up...

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yoghurt3399d ago

PS3, COD WAW + Band of brothers blu ray box set - now THAT would be a bundle!

Masta_fro3399d ago

got my eye on that gunmetal gray MGS4 LE 40gb bundle though

iHEARTboobs3399d ago

I'm thinking of getting Band of Brothers on Blu-ray from Amazon. Adding that to the WAW bundle would be awesome.

White-Sharingan3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Why make a COD bundle? wtf?

I would much prefer a Resistance 2 or an american little big planet bundle

OR maybe one with the PS3 bluetooth and HDMI cables; you hear that sony? ;(

ultimolu3399d ago

R2 bundle would have been awesome. :<

Maybe they'll still do that.

Danja3399d ago

well to be honest COD is a bigger Franchise than RFOM so it makes...

plus R2 will sell well in EU and NA regardless of bundles

kevnb3399d ago

COD is a big seller, and when a system comes with a game people actually want that can be a nice boost.

TOO PAWNED3399d ago

Hmmm no resistnace 2 bundle? Than it might be true that Sony-Insomniac relationship has went through some turbulance.
For those that dont know Insomniac was "angry" becasue GG got A TON of money for KZ2, they felt that R2 budget should have been bigger. Looking at how single player was rushed in R2, it is obvious that they had to ship R2 in November and honestly they needed more time.
So rumors about their first multiplatform game might be true afterall. Cant wait for GDC to see if it is true or not.
And yes i know we are still getting Ratchet in 09 and yes i know Sony owns Resistance and Ratchet IPs

Ju3399d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if there something going on in the back...Somehow, I am getting this feeling. But eventually, I hope everything will work out fine. Guerrilla is first party Insomniac is not. So. obviously Sony puts the money where the mouth is. But I can't imagine, that Guerrilla was happy to miss the Holiday season, either. It was a compromise on both ends, I guess.

Danja3399d ago

never heard of that dude....GG is 1st party , besides the guys over at Insomniac and GG are friends..Insomniac helped build the KZ2 engine ..

I find ur story a lil bit hard to believe...

LebaNoob3399d ago

Read about that somewhere before... The rumor claims that the game in question will be a multiplatform XBLA/PSN game.

I seriously can't see it happening because of something as petty as jealousy though (for lack of a better word). There's just too much history between Insomniac and SCE for them to turn multiplatform all of a sudden...

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The story is too old to be commented.