Xbox Teams Up With MySpace And Channel 4 For New TV Show

Microsoft has told MCV that its 360 marketing will get 'louder and louder' over the next month, culminating in a partnership with MySpace and Channel 4 to host a special prime-time music show airing on TV at Christmas.

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PlayStationGamer4eva3375d ago

An Xbox TV show? What is this world coming to?

"A place for friends. Jump in."

ravinshield3375d ago

microsoft bringing more exclusives shows, thats great

skapunkmetalskater3375d ago

It'll just be a sponsored music event most likely with their branding plastered everywhere.

Tempist3375d ago

They are very much so whoring out to the masses.

Seriously, unfortunately it seems a half-assed console is now trying to tout itself as 'the sh1t' when it's already had 3 major set backs: 1) Harddrives, 2) Red Rings, 3) Failed with HD.

Montrealien3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

I got a question for you. Do you want the system to fail? I mean, if we found out that tomorow MS was killing the 360, putting up the white flag and leaving the industry for ever, would you go to bed with a smile on your face?

Also, when it comes to marketing your product, even if you had set backs, would you not want to still sell the system as the sh*t? I sure as hell hope that if the PS3 has an major issues like the 360 had, (wich I doupt it will), I hope they keep on marketing the crap out of it. With both those consoles swinging at eachother, we win as gamers.

Vip3r3375d ago

Should be interesting...

Spike473375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

it's all about throwing in money in all directions. If you look at the xbox360's biggest games, they have never been released without some major marketing and some random tv show to make it seem as if the game is the next big thing, and people actually buy it.

Anybody remember the MTV Xbox360 Launch special, or the Gears of War dev. show, or History Channels talk about Halo 3 and the weapons of the future, or the the random SCifi show about Mass Effect? LOL, MS has a hype machine in their hands.

falviousuk3375d ago

yup its called advertising

Montrealien3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

GOd forbid MS advetises their stuff right?

More examples of some of the best videogame marketing

IaMs123375d ago

well you need to spend money to earn money they always say and well MS is taking the advantage they have which is money.. wouldnt you if you were in their shoes?

Plus i wouldnt think i would be hearing all this bashing of marketing if SONY was doing this, if they switched roles people would be giving praise...

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The story is too old to be commented.