RewiredMind Review: Rock Band 2

RewiredMind writes: "The franchise needs no introduction after a massively successful debut performance on all formats, and the gameplay doesn't really need any massive amounts of description - so what exactly do you get for your money with Rock Band 2 and more importantly, is it worth it?

This year, Harmonix have listened to some of the criticisms weighted at the original game's overall structure, and taken steps to acknowledge them. The most obvious change is in the way in which bands are put together and how they don't require the band "leader" to be present before you can play this time around. This means that you can begin a band with four characters, and continue with the band's progress as a single player, duo or trio on any of the instruments when you don't have all of the original members available to play. This is unashamedly awesome since in my household, I find that we aren't always all ready and willing to play through a set, so I can pick up the sticks or the guitar and hammer through a few challenges on my own, with the band's progress updating accordingly. Also on the upgrade is the character creation system. Last year's effort required you to create a new character to use each specific instrument, which led to a band potentially having twelve selectable members, should you all be multi-instrumentalists. Thankfully, this is no longer the case, as each created character can now move between instruments with ease."

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