Action Trip: Tomb Raider Underworld Review

Action Trip writes: "Yes, it's another Tomb Raider game. Yes, it involves dungeons, unexplored secret chambers, ancient treasures, mystical artifacts and plenty of shimmying, jumping, shooting, hurling, twirling, pushing and pulling. Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider: Legend and solid Tomb Raider: Anniversary were decent enough and have convinced us that the next project might be worth the wait.

Lara Croft's latest adventure takes us on a usual trip around the globe to many exotic locations. Mere sight-seeing isn't exactly on our sexy heroine's agenda. The bewildering beginning hurls players into the crumbling and burning Croft Manor, where Lara is forced to find a way out. Why was Lara's place blown sky-high will be revealed later during the game. First, you return to the moment when the passionate female archeologist is on her way to explore ruins beneath the Mediterranean Sea. She starts collecting evidence of the existence of Thor's hammer. Normally, villains and other characters are going to show up and try to stop her."

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