Evil Avatar: Mirrors Edge Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Having hyped this one to the death how did I eventually feel once I got my hand on the finished product?

Mirrors Edge is an innovative new FPS with a significant twist; you play Faith a master of free running. I don't think we need to go through the obligatory explanation of what that is, it's in nearly every damn action movie these days. It's a brave move by DICE to focus on such fast movements across a mass of obstacles when people have traditionally been hugely critical of first person platforming and it's time to see if it's all paid off."

The Good

* The platforming is superb especially when you get good.
* The viewpoint gives you an immediate connection to the action.
* The ground is set well for a bigger, better sequel.

The Bad

* The shoot-outs feel like they want to spoil the fun.
* Missing something when it's not your fault sucks.
* The campaign levels are too linear.

The Ugly

* Jaggies seem very unnecessary.

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