Evil Avatar: Left 4 Dead Review

Evil Avatar writes: "We love zombies as much as they love our juicy flesh. A co-op game focused on their genocide has got to be a winner. Right?

The short answer is yes, the long answer follows. Left 4 Dead is a new action FPS developed by Valve, with the 360 port handled by Certain Affinity. It's one of EA's more covert releases as they resist plastering their logo inside and outside of the box. The core idea: you are one of four survivors with the unenviable task of escaping the zombie horde. The thing that makes it different is that the focus is drawn specifically to online co-op play. With hundreds of zombies on screen and more excitement than most grown men can handle the game is, for the most part, outstanding."

The Good

* Can provide the best co-op gaming of this generation.
* More zombies than you can wave an amputee at.
* Excellent level design that plays on the games AI system strengths.

The Bad

* Play with losers, become a loser.
* Graphics are a little behind the curve.
* Limited choice of weapons. No flamethrower?

The Ugly

* Boomer bile, yuck!

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