GTA IV DLC to be available in shops?

GI.Biz writes: "The new downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV is set to be available in stores as well as via Xbox Live, according to a new listing on the website of US retailer GameStop.

It prices GTA IV: The Lost & Damned at USD 19.99 (GBP 13 / EUR 15) and, according to GameStop, consumers won't get an actual disc but a "token card" with a unique code that lets them buy the expansion pack via Live."

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Fishy Fingers3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Kind of makes sense I guess. MS need to maximise they're potential customer base with this and seeing the content is primarily single player orientated it will probably appeal to a lot of people who don't have an Xbox Live subscription.

Omega43342d ago

This is a smart move by MS because a lot of GTA owners are casual gamers and probably dont know about the DLC and a retail copy could make them more aware

Not to mention If this is true MS could advertise it as their own exclusive GTA game

Fishy Fingers3342d ago

Well unless you can run the DLC without the original game (extremely unlikely) I don't see how you could push this as an "exclusive GTA game".

Omega43342d ago

Yeah they could with an advert saying:

"GTA: The Lost & Damned EXCLUSIVELY on Xbox 360" with the retail box of the content. Then in small letters at the bottom say it requires GTA:IV and Xbox Live to play

Causal gamers will likely miss the small print and think its an exclusive game

Ghoul3341d ago

casual gamers will get shafted because they dont know it requires a main game (this is a first time ever expansion on a console you can only play with the maingame + online is a must)

bad idea imo.

They should release a gold version of gta for 30 € bundled withthe expansion

Shepherd 2143341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

actually ghoul, the 30$ Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion also requires the original game, it was sold on the XBL marketplace, sold as a package by itself in stores, and also included in the GOTY edition of oblivion, and that was a year ago so you are misinformed my friend, the GTA DLC requiring the original game is nothing new

Ghoul3340d ago

Shepherd 214

i stand corrected, but i still dont like such methods.

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timmyrulz3342d ago

"Causal gamers will likely miss the small print and think its an exclusive game"

Are you saying that casual gamers have inferior intellect to their hardcore gamer counterparts? :)

Omega43342d ago

Yes >_> at least when it comes to games

Sales of games like Mario and Sonic oylmpics, Wii Paly/Fit/Music compared to games like LBP or Viva Pinata kinda confirms it

Excluisive, GTA and X360 will be enough to convince them

Keele3342d ago

Only on ps3!

Oops sorry guys.. wrong console..


Mr PS33341d ago

It wont be long before the Headline will read

GTA IV DLC to be available in Condom Machines in the Gents Loo's
Exclusive to the Xbox 360

Uwe_Boll3342d ago

I dont think they need to do this seeing as the NXE is covered with adverts. Every the inch of dashboard will be covered with adverts for this when it drops.

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