Xbox Evolved: Fable 2 Review

Xbox Evoloved writes: "The original Fable released in 2005 and was an instant hit on the Xbox console. Now that the 'sequel' is here it doesn't feel like much has changed in the game this time around, for better or for worse. Starting up Fable II you immediately feel "Yeah, this is just how Fable is supposed to be". If you have played the first one you may get all tingly inside. After playing around for a while though you realize that some of the things from the first game just haven't changed enough; some things for the better, others for the worse.

In Fable II you start out as a young orphan that is trying to get out of the streets and have a better life for you and your sister (sound familiar?). You eventually become an adult and a 'hero', granting you the ability to use will (magic). As you progress through the main quest you gain access to other areas and cities and from there you get side quests and other objectives you can do in game such as gambling or working at a job. The jobs are for the most part just pressing the A button at the right time. They are boring but they get you money, money that you don't really need to get further into the game, but money to spend on things that distract you from the main quest such as a wife, house, owning properties, and of course achievements. The side quests are essential to making this game have any sort of longevity at all, as the main quest can be completed in a just a few short hours."

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According to Xbox Evolved Spiderman: Web of Shadows is up there with Fable 2 lol!