Strategy Informer: Football Manager 09 Review

Strategy Informer writes: "So let's start with the meat of the experience. Football Manager 2009's core is still the same imperious and heavyweight simulation that Sports Interactive has spent the best part of two decades lovingly cultivating to a finely-honed excuse to waste days of your life. Despite the flashy new graphical engine grabbing headlines and surging interest from long-lost fans, the beating heart beneath the veneer of change is familiarly potent and positively brimming with appreciation for the finer points of the sport – as it always has been.

Thank heavens for that then, as the 3D match engine will likely steal any or all of the thunder that FM2009 ends up cultivating. Gone are the days of staring at a small text bar at the bottom of the screen or wondering exactly how your star player managed to balloon the ball over from five yards – and in their place comes an entirely new approach, finally allowing players to visualise the action from a host of broadcast-friendly viewpoints."

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